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Pang (World) (MAME) on September 30, 2012
I hated this one
I never liked this one as a kid because my genre was \"beat em up\". Later, when I grew older and when I got MAME, I gave it a chance.

Pang is arcade game where you have to break big bobble into smaller ones, and so on until you destroy it completely. Level goes harder and harder, but with MAME you can go to the end. I\'m not fan of this type of games, but it was interesting to play it.

Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja (US) (MAME) on September 30, 2012
For me, this one belong to the top
Side scrolling beat em up game which with a lot of skill can be finished with one coin.

I played this one as a kid. You play some Bruce Lee clone guy/s and you are on the mission to save American president Ronald Reagan from the hords of ninjas. Yeah it\'s stupid, but story is not important in this game.

You character has lot of nice moves, some of them maybe you will never use. Bosses are original and interesting. Every one can be beaten with the good strategy. Other enemies can be killed with one strike. Music is nice too.

Give it a shot if you like the genre.

Final Fight (World) (MAME) on September 30, 2012
In the era of beat em up, this one was maybe the best!
The only bad thing about this game is that I never managed to finish it with one coin. It was too hard for that. Even today when I have MAME, I can get to the last stage, but that is my maximum. Last stage is really hard. On some places you will have to fight with so many different enemies at once which is impossible (at least for me) to survive without losing a life.

Despite that, this game is still worth of playing. Graphic is really good, characters are big and very nicely animated. The way how they walk around, the fights, punches, kicks, all of that looks very good. Because of that fighting feels better than in most of other beat em up games. Music in game is nice too.

In few words, if you never played this game - try it!

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