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() on October 24, 2013

This game are actually very very good. Long run, various power ups (and there's shop too), various world stage, and good story. The game play also not very hard, i can say its just normal. Kind like Zelda, but in side scrolling. This actually only available in Japan. The translation version here are very good i think. So this is a good download for you fans of Zelda or action RPG.
Kirameki Star Road (Japan) (MAME) on February 9, 2012
Not a love sim.
At first, i thought it was love sims game. But no, this game about you play as a some kind manager for one of the three girls. Your goal are make her a top japan idol.

There are also some mini game like photograph mode, 'keep pressing' button and memory game, which is not difficult at all. But most of them, you just choosing the right answer from 4 choices. And again it was easy because you can use save state in Mame.

There are multiple path for each girl, but i'm not sure if there are multiple ending for each girl.

The girls animation are cute (and no nude here).

Breath of Fire II (E) (Super Nintendo) on February 9, 2012
One of the best Role Playing Game on SNES.
Best rpg on SNES ever, of course after Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy VI. The story goes smooth and interesting, with a some funny moments.

I give it 9, because some skills are crap. Specially poison/ decrease type skills. They didn't help much, it much better if you keep attacking, rather than try confusing or decrease opponents ability. And this game still using random encounter system, which is annoying for me (some people like it though, so its personal)

Legend of The Mystical Ninja, The (E) (Super Nintendo) on February 8, 2012
Nice and challenging
Not so many great 2 players game when go way back in early 90's. This is one of the best game to play with your friend/couple.

The graphic are cute (anime style of course). The sound are good. And most importantly, the game play are great.

Don't get wrong though, this game are very hard when you reach the middle stage.

One thing i don't like is, the main characters are jumping too low.

Altered Beast (Version 1) (MAME) on February 8, 2012
My childhood favorite
Back when in 90's, this was my favorite game. I remember standing in way back of the crowd, to watch stranger people playing the arcade.

This action scrolling are actually very hard, mainly because the main character (MC) has only very limited move set. While the enemies comes from many directions of the screen. This of course change, when you made it to morph into one of the beast.

The true challenge of this game actually, change into beast as fast as possible.

Sounds are bad, but the graphic are good.

This version only has 5 stages. Try the NES or Sega Genesis version, they have more stages and beast, I think the NES version has a dolphin.

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