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Brain Lord (U) [!] (Super Nintendo) on October 29, 2012
A very nice game
Brain Lord is a good choice to go if you want to try out a somewhat different action RPG. (no big spoilers)

The fighting system is interesting and Iīd say new for its time. Your character moves and attacks similar to Zeldas Link, but you can make him actually jump. Also there is a big variaty of interesting weapons / magic to use and your hero can collect little fairies that help him in battle. All this makes the game into a great experience.

The graphics are nice to look at, the world and characters/objects are well and interesting drawn out, not perfect but very good in my opinion. The overall feeling that the game has, fits the story nicely.

The music adds a fresh feeling to the general refreshing atmosphere and is really nice to listen to.

Now to the gameplay: It reminds me of Zelda a bit. You have to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and bosses. The puzzles can be really mindboggling as far as I can remember and fun to do. The bosses are extremely hard to beat, but with time one gets the hang out of it and it gets easier to beat them.

The only two things that made me not give this game a 10 out of 10 is: The graphics can lag sometimes heavily, but in the end of this review I give you a hint how to reduce this lag (will contain spoiler, read it if you are a bit into the game and have lag issues already). Also I being a gamer who takes his time while playing games to embrace the world/atmosphere of it found it to be short and this is a pity. It seemed to me as if the makers didnīt have enough time to complete this game. That also would explain the error with the lag. Nonetheless an exelent game!

If you are searching a game that takes brains and skills to solve, I can only recommend it.

(Spoiler) How to reduce lag a bit: (Spoiler)

You will have the option to carry two faries with you, use only one of them to reduce the lag. Two fairies at the same time will lag pretty often and make the fights/jumps worse. IF I remember it right it is best to let only one fairy of your choice level up from the beginning to get pretty tough so you donīt have to use two.

Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [T+Eng1.00_AGTP] (Super Nintendo) on September 26, 2011
Dark game
This game is really a game for grown ups.

I like the dark atmosphere of it. If one wants to play a game that gives you a feeling that the end of the world is drawing near than this is the right choice.

The story is interesting, spiritual and not linear.

What else I like about this game is that it has a good fighting system. It is interesting and you also have really to think about what kind of attack you will use. The only thing I dont liked was that the enemy encounter rate can get often annoying, but itīs not horrible.

(No real spoilers)

There is a glitch in this game (when u get far in the game) that does not let you go further.

The translation patch messed up the "YES / NO" question so you will never be able to answer. You will have to use the japanese version of the game. Just make a copy of your english .srm game file and rename it to the exact name of the japanese version. Then play and answer in the japanese version with the right choice and rename it again to the english version of the game so you can play it further with the english rom.

7th Saga, The (U) [!] (Super Nintendo) on September 26, 2011
Long game
The 7th Saga was my first real rpg.

Itīs a really long game, the longest Iīve yet come to play.

Iīve played it in a period of 2 years and a couple of months. I took big pauses from the game because it got to repetitious. Itīs about killing enemies almost always in the same way. The game has got no tactical thinking.

Enemies encounters are as i remember every 2-6 steps you go forward..

The story is huge and gets because of that kind of meaningless with time. The towns all look basicaly the same and there are too many of them to remember.

Whats good about the game is, it has memorable music that gives you more feeling about the game than the story itself. The graphics can be quite nice, the monsters look interesting. If one plays a game more for the atmosphere of it, thats when this game can shine. All I remember now is how I first fell in love with it because of the music and the nice graphics. Than I hated it because of the non tactical gameplay. But The 7th Saga has now always a place in my heart, because of itīs feel to it.

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