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Sonic The Hedgehog CD (E) (192kbps) (Sega CD) on March 15, 2009
The best of our favorite blue dude with a 'tude!
Sonic CD is the ultimate example of what a Sonic the Hedgehog game should be. Simple story, tight gameplay, and awesome music. From Toot Toot Sonic Warrio to Cosmic Eternity, the music will make you wanna dance. The levels are designed with speed as well as clever platforming that get rather difficult. Not to mention this is the game that introduced Amy and Metal Sonic, 2 of my favorite characters in the series. The special stages for the time stones, the game's equivilant to chaos emeralds, are fun 3d arenas where hovering unidentified flying objects must be destroyed. Overall Sonic CD is recemmendable to all gamers, and mostly all Sonic fans!

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