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Sonic The Hedgehog CD (E) (192kbps) (Sega CD) on December 28, 2008
Sonic with Great Soundtrack ^^
I've been a Sonic Fans for Gears ,

Game gears , Genesis , GBA , You name it ~

All the Sonic, are good with one thing , The BG Soundtrack ~ It make the game more Lively , Playable ,

And Sonic CD , Its the First Sonic game to have above 128Kpbs Bitrate Wave Format ~

The Graphics of this game, are its Best in its Generation ~

and The game play are just the Sonic Genre i've always like ~

Sonic Its Been entertaining my life for years ~ i like to play anyform of sonic, in any console ,

I got a Saturn and 3D blast ~ The Soundtrack are the best ~

and The CD are the second Best !

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