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Garou - Mark of the Wolves (set 1) (MAME) on December 4, 2008
King Of Fighting Games
Garou - Mark of the Wolves was released by SNK for the Neo Geo, and is a future story of the Fatal Fury game series. With the exception of Terry Bogard, it brings a new roster of characters to the series, each with their own unique specials, and levels. Although the Neo Geo couldn't implement any 3D into it's system, Garou was known for using it's 2D graphical effects to give the illusion of 3D. Graphically, it beats plenty of others 2D games in the genre like Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters. Hands down.

It doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the genre but you can't go wrong with Mark Of The Wolves, especially if your into classic 2D fighting games. The game doesn't last very long and doesn't have much story, but if your looking for a decent, good looking fighting game with fresh new characters and great technical gameplay, Garou should be the choice.

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