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Gunstar Heroes (E) (Sega Genesis) on May 20, 2009
Incrediby well-executed.
Man! This game has incredible features, even for today. Treasure used lots of technical things in this games, lots of them hard to do. Is great visually.They used a comic manga-style in everything, and everything has lots of animation and color and movement. The sound too is spetacular.

But were it shines is in gameplay. Your charater has lots of shots, with the feature of combination of shots and th two types of shots (fixed 8-directional or walking. Your charater can jum, make ground attacks and kicks in the ar, and can kick the frests of the monitor. Nad too you can grap platforms. And grab your enemies and shoot them on the others. Too, has levels that are incredible in conception and execution, changing the gameplay, making it variable.

All that's good is half, okay? But in this case, even it is true, this game is a half greater that we, seeing the magnificence, could imagine. Is not so small. I hoped we could have more games like this.

Generations Lost (JUE) [!] (Sega Genesis) on October 5, 2008
This is an incredible work of the producers!


The game has very beautiful graphics, with movement in the scenarios an youe charaters have really cool movements. Very well done! Just see the movementation in the initial scene to have an idea!


Just amazing!


Interesting, original, too well done all that!


Really fun!


One of the more great histories of the adventure games of the 16-nits! And so well telled!

Is like a Flashback The Quest for Identity with salt!

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