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Shining Force 2 - Sword of Haija (UE) (Game Gear) on September 22, 2008
good game
this shining force game is good for the series. for 2d map's the seam kind of flat but the combat is just a great as the other game's. the loss of the exploring game play is a miss but it's also great because you get right to combat ad don have to switch from battle thinking to exploring thinking. The story is good and this is a game to play if you are a fan of shining force.
Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (U) (Super Nintendo) on September 22, 2008
Excelent RPG
Lufia II is one of the best and hardest Rpg game i played. This game is the second one of the series but it takes place before Lufia and the fortress off doom. The game follows Maxiem in one of the best and challenging story's iv seen.

The 2D maps are greatly detailed as well as the dungeons. The puzzles in the game will keep you thinking. The boss fights are sometimes unpredictable and can bee beaten easily with preparation. The best part of the game is the Lv 99 dungen that makes you start a Lv 1 and have to work up the levels but you get it back when you leave but you get really powerful gear but be careful it changes every time you go in. definitely worth playing.

() on September 22, 2008
best game played
ValisIII is one of the best games i played. the storyline is easy to figure out because the opening cutscean so you don't have to play the other games to find out what happened. The game play is good only you have to time those jumps. cut scean's where done great. If you get the chance this is a game to check out.

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