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P.O.W. - Prisoners of War (US) (MAME) on December 28, 2012
just another beat em up
I\'ve not played this for a while and i dare say most people that do play this game will find that it\'s just like a few other (beat em up\'s> like3 SOR or final fight ish type games.this does a nice job in the graphics set in a pow camp at the start and you just sort of bash your way to the end.For the most part this is a good game but since theres a few other better games of this style then this will be overlooked pity.Overall nice game music soso game play is fun bit to easy and a nice way to pass by 20 mins :) enjoy ... 5/6 out of ten
Smash T.V. (rev 4.00) (MAME) on July 28, 2012
i\'ll buy that for a :-)
This is still one of them fun shooters that is hard to master but so easy to play,you take part in a game show and as such you have to survie wave after wave of baddies and also pick up lots of extra along the way like tv\'s :) power up\'s and even cash.Overall still a classic game thats been on a few formats in it\'s life time .....
Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars (Sega Master System) on April 17, 2012
Stars in your keyes :-)
For it 's time and place in the world when this came out it was fun as were all the ales kids games.At it's heart is get from one side to the next and repepte may not be the hardest games to play but still fun and if you have the master system then even better 6/10
S.T.U.N. Runner (rev 2) (MAME) on March 24, 2012
Still a good game
This has dated just a tiny bit not really hard to master.Could be a bit better in the graphics dept and the spund fx's could have been better.But aside from that this is still a nice game to play from yesteryear enjoy .....
Gods (JUE) (PAL) [!] (Sega Genesis) on December 7, 2011
Still a good game
This is a very smart looking platform game from the bitmap bros.The graphics are very well done the level design is also very good if some what to easy or short.special mention must goto the music in this cart.Along your journy you will pick up items that will help you solve some puzzles also there is a shop where you can upgrade weps.overall still a very good game ...jb...
Double Dragon (US) (MAME) on November 8, 2011
still a good lil game
As side on beat Em up's this does a very good job,graphics are very good and on par with sega's SOR games,some 7 levels all with there own theme and nice music are nice and does add to the game play overall if you have played SOR1-3 then this is a must just to see the difference from one machine to an other....
F1 World Championship Edition (E) (Super Nintendo) on November 8, 2011

This is not the best racing game on snes,and as a F1 game it does fall short graphics are not really all that great.The car handles ok just a bit low to the ground and not as many tracks does make this a short game to complete.Overall it's good but could have been better...
Outrunners (US) (MAME) on November 2, 2011
is this out run !
The game follows a similar format to OutRun,but has vastly improved graphics,which does help.unlike OutRun, rather than taking a trip across Europe, in OutRunners you drive across the world, and has twice as many possible endings.nice in a way but the basic game play is still are nice as well as the sound fx and music

F1 Pole Position (U) (Super Nintendo) on November 2, 2011
Not the best
This was one of them games you liked or did not some ways you get to play a VERY short f1 season compeard to to days games.But having said that there is still some fun to be had in this game pitty that it's so short.Graphics are ok-ish the sound is not all that good the in game menus are also not good.the upside if there is one then yeah play this on the sens cart controls are easy.Overall for it's day not to bad and to think it owuld take a few years before we got a real sim of f1 via ps1 .. enjoy
Fantasy Land (MAME) on September 1, 2011
Cute game
First thing you will notice about this game is the lovely graphics (for it's age) and like most platform games of this year they are so much fun to do.kill the baddies!!1 pick up power up's ect :) which as said is fun a bit easy to finnish but you will replay it once or twice .8/10. jg
Final Fight (US 900613) (MAME) on July 15, 2011
good game
Final fight is still a good game does put you in mind otf the streets of rage games in many ways of course SOR1 to 3 are the better games but this does a very good job in the game play dept.::UPDATE:: you can get this via xbox live arcade for 800 ms points the plus side is that you get another capcom game called magic sward which again is a lovely game over all still brings back memories and if you have an xbox and a spare 800 points then yeah well worth the price tag
Smash T.V. (rev 8.00) (MAME) on July 15, 2011
Lets get the show on the road
As a game this one does pack a punch graphics are very well laid out the music as well as the voice of the host saying i'll buy that for a dollar is priceless.At the end of the day this is a robotron trye game play but with better graphics and end bosses which are fun loved this in the arcade of course mose consouls have had this game megadrive snes the lastrst one was xbox live.still a classic game go on grab some prizes :-)
Out Run (set 3) (MAME) on June 7, 2011
out run will always be a classic both in it's game play and music for the day were top notch.simple in many ways just keep asdding 50p and you will win.The best verison of this i owend was the sit down unit with force feed back through the wheel still one of my all time faves :-) win a rach and get a slap for your troubles kewl well worth a play even to day.As a foot note you can get a better verison of this through xbox which is a solid game but you cant beat the old verison .. 10/10
Tapper (Budweiser) (MAME) on June 7, 2011
any one for a beer
Played this on a few formats over the years.the arcade verison is just that bit better in it's game play which is simple enough.just keep them beers comming and try not to drop any :-).fun game 7/10
Ghosts'n Goblins (World? set 1) (MAME) on May 12, 2011
Good lil game
i have to admit that i do like a platform game and this is one of the better ones.The way the levels are set up is easy enough to be hard and also easy enough to just drag you in to the lovely game play.I did put a few 50p's in my time just to finnish this game and now it does bring back some nice memories.well worth a play or two EnjoY .... 9/10
Wardner (World) (MAME) on May 10, 2011
Still a lovely game
Put many a 50p to play this back in the days.In some ways it's nice to get an arcade game that does tell a story.the graphics are nice the sound fx could have been better as well as the music but over all this is still a nice game to play enjoy .... 8/10
Streets of Rage 3 (U) [!] (Sega Genesis) on May 6, 2011
The best
In some ways all of the SOR games are good this just inproves a little bit more in the game play and graphics which even now still looks nice on my sega.of course now you can get this on yuor xbox360/ps3 via the sega collection which more or less plays the same better control pad :-) via the 360 and the HD look is good would have been nice to play this in full 1080p...
G-Darius (JAPAN) (MAME) on April 25, 2009
Classic arcade
Most space shooters did not really for fill there promise,where as games like R.Type and this one did break new ground both on graphics and game play Darius is still a nice game even on par witht he Ps1 verison which came out so as a shooter a must have,music sound fx and graphics makes this a joy to play be warned this is not an easy game i spent lots of $$$$ playing this 10/10
Galaga (Namco rev. B) (MAME) on April 25, 2009
Boy this brings back
There was always some thing special about this game and most others from the same time frame that by today standerds would look out of place in the graphics dept.But i will have to say that this is still a very good game to play and it's still hard the down side is the lack of good fx and music then again arcade games dont really need that !!!! 8 out of 10
World Cup (U) '94 (U) (192kbps) (Sega CD) on April 7, 2009
As a football game
I still have this game for the sega cd and like most tie in's world cup wont be the best footie game you will have played,graphics are plain music via the cd is ok when your on the menu screens sound fx is not the best,overall for a game that was out in 1994 it's good just that i never really liked it just not enough game in there to enjoy.
() on April 5, 2009
Still a classic
i still have this game for my N64 which at that time was and still is a good game i guess the down side is that it is to short but the graphics and sound do make up for that.Game play wise in case you have not played this DESTRUCTION DERBY 64 is a racing game, with a variety of different tracks and cars, but it is also a free-for-all crash zone, where dents equal points in a host of exciting tracks rendered beautifully 9/10

() on April 4, 2009
Not a classic BUT !
I remember playing this way back on my commodore64 :) well with out the legends part and to be fair it was also good in the arcades this verison sort of trys to add another chapter by.Adding 7 worlds and 20 levels, 9 playable characters, 6 enemy bosses, 4 player simultaneous mode, Variety of items and power-ups,which does sound very good how ever thats not the case it's not the N64 worst game just gets a bit to same-ish,still if you have 2 pads or more :) it is more fun 7/10
Ecco - The Tides of Time (U) (Sega CD) on April 3, 2009
The test of time
When the first game came out on cart it was just a lovely little game to play around with and you more or less could explore and the music was kewl,As for this verison again we are Ecco but we can turn into different sea creatures and the cd verison is very good as in sound and music,the graphics are again very well done,It's the game play which is slower than the first.missons wise you get puzzles to solve through out the 40 levels (5 are in 3d) where as the rest are side on,overall very good game even if the graphics are a bit dated by todays tearms.8/10
Mr Driller (DRI1/VER.A2) (MAME) on March 26, 2009
Simple but FUN
I only got to play this a few times in my local arcade and last week i got a verison for my mobi :),what we have here is a simple puzzle game which is lots of fun to play,the controls are very easy,the basics are you start from the top and have to get to the bottom before your air runs out,on your trip down there will be air pick up's and you can get a few combo's with them blocks,when you do reach the bottom it's off to the next and so on till you hit the 500 meter mark :),graphics and sound are also very good well worth a play or six. 8/10
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (U) [!] (Sega Genesis) on March 25, 2009
321 go
Strange to think i used to like this game i dare say for the time the graphics are ok they do look dated now days but for the 90's this was good music is soso while the sound fx could have been better,game play is simple do a few laps come in first and so on not a lot of courses does let it down would have been nice to have a full season :) still a good ARCADE game coz thats what this is not a SIM. 7/10
Alien 3 (JUE) [!] (Sega Genesis) on March 25, 2009
Good but
This was a strange game to start with and games based on films dont really work to well because in some ways they have to stick to the movie,alien 3 does ,ore or less take you on that trip and will she die at the end if you finnish the game :),overall the levles are ok contorls are a bit ropey and the music and sound not the best,game play wise it's good and i still own this cart playing via the pc's keyboard is not really the same as with the fighter stick i use in genesis/still no matter how you play this game it will fun for a few hours . 6/10
Menace (Amiga) on March 24, 2009
Good little shooter
I like this game way back when i had it the graphics are very good also the music is spot on and while some levels are a bit hard,it's worth betting that level,my first encounter witht his game was on the commodore 64 :) and is just as good. 8/10
() on March 12, 2009
Still a fun game
Strange in a way that this might look dated and the music and sound fx are not the best,yet this is still a very good game to play use your car to shoot other cars get power up's along the way sounds easy :) 8/10
Asterix and the Power of The Gods (8) (Eng-Ger-Fr-Sp) [!] (Sega Genesis) on March 7, 2009
Fun Game
This is still a very good little game sure the graphics are a bit dated but as a plantform game side on this was meat and veg for the genesis,overall all the game play is easy (better with two players) but it's fun to get to the next stage 8/10
Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (JUE) [!] (Sega Genesis) on March 4, 2009
Nice lil game
As a platform game this is still very good a game i still own and the graphics are still nice to look at the music is not the best but it's ok the only down side is this is short 6 levels and not really to hard to finnish,playing this via the pc is not really much diffeent to playing on the megadrive gampad way better than the pc's keyboard.overall good game 8/10
() on January 29, 2009
cool game
First off this is on the gensis as a cart as well theres a few different parts to the cd verison like the music is much better other than that it's the same game good graphics and sound fx along with the added music makes this a good little game story wise The Penguin and Catwoman are teaming up to wreak havoc on Gotham City and it's up to you, as Batman, to stop them. Lead the caped crusader through seven challenging stages, fighting dozens of goons and hoods on your way to capturing the ringleaders. Use your Batarang and Batdiscs for ranged attacks, or get in closer for some hand-to-hand combat with the most ruthless enemies the Dark Knight has ever seen. Just make sure you've got enough energy to take on Catwoman and the Penguin, because they're both tougher than they look. All of Batman's skills, powers, and intelligence will be put to the test in BATMAN RETURNS. Fire up the Batmobile and be on the lookout for the Bat Signal as you do whatever it takes to keep Gotham City safe.

Bugs Bunny - Rabbit Rampage (E) (Super Nintendo) on January 29, 2009
this does take me back
i love bugs bunny cartoons and this game trys it's hardest to sort of bring you into the cartoon which it does theers ten stages to get to the end which wont be easy (i had to cheat to complete this with an action reply cart) the basics of the story which is fun :)A crazed animator keeps painting Bugs Bunny into the worst possible scenarios, and it's up to you to help him survive and discover the identity of his tormentor. Through 10 levels of typical Looney Tunes antics, you'll guide Bugs past familiar foes like Elmer Fudd, the Tasmanian Devil, Yosemite Sam, and others. Luckily, you've got a whole inventory of ACME weapons and items at the ready, so you can take out your pursuers with exploding dog bones, pies in the face, loaded paint brushes, and everything else you could imagine. The game features authentic character voices, orchestrated music, and hilarious cartoon sound effects that will keep you entertained. If you can get through all 10 stages, you'll come face-to-face with the evil animator who could it be?
Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, The (E) (Super Nintendo) on January 29, 2009
nice game
This type of game is not rare on the snes and this is not the best one my fav is buster burts loose,anyways this game has nice music good sound and six levels which are little hard ish at first basic story is On a rare day off, Mickey and Minnie Mouse decide to head to the circus for a fun day of entertainment. But when they arrive, all the performers have disappeared, and have been replaced by strange characters that are trying to ruin the day for Mickey and Minnie. What's more, Donald Duck and Pluto have gone missing too. It's up to you to help Mickey and Minnie find their friends, the circus performers, and figure out what is going on. You'll have to venture through six very Disney levels including the Haunted House, Frozen Plains, and the Jungle as you search for clues that will lead you to solving this mystery.nothing new with in this game sort of been there seen it and got the tshirt still if you must have this title it is ok for a few hours 7/10
Ghoul Patrol (E) [t1] (Super Nintendo) on January 29, 2009
scarey but fun
i still have this game and i never did finnish the 15 levels the game play is a bit hard in some places and the music and sound are ok for this type of game as for the story The Goblin exhibit at the local library has come to life, and now ghosts are terrorizing the entire's up to you to go back in time and vaporize an encyclopedia of infamous ghosts and goblins. You'll be up against garbage can ghosts, ninja spirits, flying books, and flesh eating plants as you try to save your town from total zombification! Utilize your arsenal of weapons, that range from plasma rifles to suction-cup arrows, in order to eliminate the evil spirits that are trying to scare the daylights out of you. Also, take advantage of the power-ups rubber chickens and magic potions which will make your job a whole lot easier. If 15 levels of sprit slaying are too much to handle by yourself, team up with a friend and take on the ghouls together. So, get ready for some serious ghost-busting action with overall not a bad game to play through 8/10
() on January 25, 2009
ahh the good old 2600
Game systems have came along way and while now we can play these old games of yester year some still are crap,overall this is not as bad a game just badly put together and the tie in with the movie is there game play wise you have to find the parts to let ET get home awww :-),other than that the story Infamous videogame adaptation of Steven Spielberg's hit movie, programmed by Howard Scott Warshaw five weeks. Your mission is to help E.T. find the three pieces of his interplanetary telephone, call his ship, and guide him to the landing pad in time to be rescued. Do this before E.T.'s energy runs out, and you'll win the round and score points! E.T. transverses six sites on Planet Earth. Four of these are full of pitfalls--they are dotted with deep wells into which E.T. can fall. A fifth site shows Elliott's house, the Institute of Science, and the FBI building. Here, E.T. is taken by the scientist to be studied. The sixth site is a forest setting where E.T. first lands and where the ship will land to pick him up. A round ends when E.T. boards the spaceship. At the end of each round, all your bonus points are displayed.have fun :) 6/10

() on January 25, 2009
to many changes
Strange in some ways that i played this on the pc when it came out and i still do own this game :) and you can even build your own levels and my p4 with vista just wont play the game awwww.still this is the n64 entry and it's not on the same par as the pc verison the sounds and graphics are not up to much and the levels are all different from duke nuke em 3d on the pc.i still have thje n64 and i still have this cart but nope this is crap with no FUN.if you must get dos box and get the pc verison 6/10
Demon's Crest (E) (Super Nintendo) on January 20, 2009
just add fire :)
DEMON'S CREST, you'll engage in a struggle for control of the six magical stones. When combined, the stones comprise the Demon's Crest, which grants ultimate power to its possessor. You play as Firebrand, a gargoyle that emerged from a bloody civil war as the holder of the Crest. Unfortunately, your nemesis, Phalanx has stolen the stones and scattered them throughout the realm. Now you've got to undertake a quest to retrieve all six of them, before someone else gathers them and uses the Demon's Crest for evil. As you explore the seven levels, you'll discover tons of hidden items, including the magical stones. Each stone allows you to morph into a different gargoyle form, each with unique abilities and attack modes.Overall this is still fun to play also just a bit on the tough side of the tracks guess it has to be with only 7 if your up for it this will last 8/10
() on January 20, 2009
good beatEmup
Still a fun game to play is superman the graphics are lovely music is good and the sound fx are also very nice and fit the game well basic story You'll have to fight through his army of goons, and then prepare for the ultimate showdown with Doomsday himself. If you defeat your nemesis, you actually both die!!! and you assume the role of one of the other heroes who claim to be the "real" Superman The Cyborg, The Eradicator, The Man of Steel, or Superboy and start over again. Each Superman has unique powers, and each will require a different approach to be successful. If you can make it through the game as all five men,still fun for a few hours 8/10

() on January 20, 2009
Good but !!!!
The snes has a lot of games just like this one and the buster burts loose is the best of them all.on the other hand daffy is a good little game and the graphics are ok could have been bettter in some of the later levels the basic story is ..Marvin the Martian learns that he can't mess with the galaxy while Duck Dodgers is still around? The relentless Marvin is at it again, and this time he's planning to destroy the whole solar system with his P-38 Space Modulator. You've got to take control of Daffy Duck's alter ego, Duck Dodgers, and put a stop to Marvin's latest plot. Through 20 levels of soso action, you'll do battle against an army of wacky enemies: needle-firing cactus, :) an undersea contingent of Instant Martians (just add water!), and of course, Marvin himself. The animation-inspired graphics are good to awesome, the Looney Tunes roster is well represented, and the digi characters voices are out of this world. not a classic but still fun in parts 7/10
() on January 19, 2009
Still a classic
When i played this first time round it was a good game the main game play is no different to other side on beat em up's a few hits and move on but this does try and be different.

The Penguin and Catwoman are teaming up to wreak havoc on Gotham City and it's up to you, as Batman, to stop them. Lead the caped crusader through seven challenging stages, fighting dozens of goons and hoods on your way to capturing the ringleaders. Use your Batarang and Batdiscs for ranged attacks, or get in closer for some hand-to-hand combat with the most ruthless enemies the Dark Knight has ever seen. Just make sure you've got enough energy to take on Catwoman and the Penguin, because they're both tougher than they look. All of Batman's skills, powers, and intelligence will be put to the test in BATMAN RETURNS. Fire up the Batmobile and be on the lookout for the Bat Signal as you do whatever it takes to keep Gotham City safe.overall it's still a good beat em up not in the same class as the streets of rage but for snes owners still a classic .. 9/10

() on January 17, 2009
Brings back some good memories
One thing about the Snes is it's not short of a shoot em up or 2 and while there a few better than this it is also not that bad.on the plus side you get some lovely graphics and music is not to bad some levels be this driving or flying can be a bit tough overall same ish story ALL this and that ect :), all the most powerful weapons in the world have fallen into the hands of evil forces that are out to destroy the world. Now it's up to you to battle the forces of evil and their weapons or else the world is doomed. Driving a souped-up, heavily armored jeep, or a helicopter stocked with missiles, you're going to war alone. You'll be able to find and equip yourself with a variety of weapons including flame-throwers, plasma cannons, lasers, guided missiles, and nuclear arms. The basic premise in FIREPOWER 2000 is "kill or be killed"--the action is straightforward and intense, so bring your best aim, and your quick trigger finger, or said it's good but could have been better 8/10
() on January 16, 2009
theres not that many
You know there is not that many RPG's on the Genesis and i did buy this way back still have not completed it :) the basic story that dont really change that much from rpg to rpg is .. In ARCUS ODYSSEY, you begin the most difficult journey of your life: the quest for the Sword of Light. The land of Arcus is being overrun by evil, and you are the only one who can annihilate the threat and restore peace. Choose from four different noble warriors, each with unique abilities and attributes. You can take on the enemy with either your impressive arsenal of weapons, or you can keep your distance and use magic to cast spells. The game is made up of eight challenging quests, that when completed will reveal the story behind the quest for the Sword of Light. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can have a friend join your party and really put the hurt on the enemy. In ARCUS ODYSSEY, the fate of the world is in your capable hands.and i guess we can now go and save the world :) 7/10
Monopoly (J) (Super Nintendo) on January 16, 2009
one of the best
When it comes to board games then this has to be the most famous,every computer from way back has had a verison this verison is well made upto 4 can take part which is nice if you just add the snes as a player it's not the same coz every time you land on some thing to buy and yuo dont want it you have to auction :) easy way to bankrupt the snes player lol.still a fun game to play and if you have not played this please do ... 7/10
Lotus Turbo Challenge (EU) [!] (Sega Genesis) on January 12, 2009
in it's day
Strange to think i thought this was a good day when i baught it and it's only when you play games like this on the new consoles you will notice this has not dated that some ways the game play is very good and it is not to hard to finnish and every so offen there will be some thing to avoide on the road.and While most of us probably will never get the chance to drive a Lotus on the world-famous autobahns of Germany, you can get the next best thing by playing LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE for the Sega Genesis. Get behind the wheel of either the Lotus Esprit Turbo or the Lotus Elan and get ready to fly! Eight intense and challenging stages with more than 60 checkpoints make up an epic cross-country rally. You'll be racing in the snow, fog, rain, and at night as you try to best the competition and reach the finish line first. There is also a split-screen two-player option that lets you and a friend pick your cars and go head-to-head in an all-out, pedal to the metal sprint for the checkered flag. music is not to good the car sound fx's are also not that good but the game play is what helps .. 8/10
Revenge Of Shinobi (Version 01) (JUE) (Sega Genesis) on January 9, 2009
still a lovely game
Some games turn out to be classics and this is one of them.When the Neo Zeed capture your sweetheart, you're in for the adventure of a lifetime. You're Musashi, a mystical warrior who sees and knows all. Using a ninja sword and shurikens, you'll hunt down your nemeses and enter a fight to the death. Hurl knives, ward off bullets, avoid death stars, and more in this epic rescue journey. Your trip will not be an easy one: Musclemen, Kung Fu gangs, and armies will attack you over the course of 24 levels making for a deeply challenging game. Though the Neo Zeed are masters of disguise, your omniscient mind and ninja skills will give you everything you need to find them. What you do with them is up to you.overall a lovely game to play through and if you find you keep running out of shurikens heres a little cheat for ya :go to the options highlite the shurikens leave that like that for around 30sec's you should hear a sound to let you know that it has worked after that you will never run out of shurikens :). 10/10

No Escape (U) (Sega Genesis) on January 9, 2009
i dont think i did :)
i dont think i ever did escape when i baught this many years ago the basic story is mor or less,Based on the film of the same name, NO ESCAPE lets you take the role of Robbins, a prisoner on the penal island of Absolom. He must explore the island for unique items that will help him escape. However, Robbins will have to face a number of hostile prisoners while exploring the island. Fortunately, there are two ways to dispose of any enemy: brute force or cunning. If Robbins collects the right parts, he can build traps, weapons, and other items. Real life actors were rotoscoped to create the in game graphics. Will Robbins be able to get off of an island where there is NO ESCAPE? fun for a while 7/10
KidChameleon (Sega Genesis) on January 9, 2009
Good little game
This is a good game one i still have for my genesis the graphics are ok the music for the most part is also fine along with sound fx.the game play is just to get to one side of the level to the other how you get to the other side is up to you on level one you can just simply run (beat the time as in fast)and you will get a reward other nice features is that you get to change clothes on certain levels which in some way will help you finnish that level theres also a skate board :),i will say this is not really the hardest game to finnish once you learn what to do and you will get some fun out of this game.overall very good well thought out game ...note the download file for this verison is short 64kb's needs another 500kb's for the game to work...
R-Type (US) (MAME) on January 7, 2009
The best of the best
I've played many verisons of this game and to be honest the arcade one is the better veriosn,level one starts off slow -ish shoot a few space ships then grab that power up that in turn brings your little helper which can be powerd up the first end of level boos is a bit easy just fly your lil helper at the center while you pop off a few blasts level 2 is my fav with the space ship which at the time was hard till you got used to it you have to get real close to the ship then once your at the front :) you have to make your way to the top of the screen and hit the power plant. and so on once you have masterd the levels was nice to show off at the arcade :).the other veriosn of this are crap on the snes and megadrive next best veriosn was on the ps1 :) 10/10
Chuck Rock (U) [t1] (Super Nintendo) on January 6, 2009
Lets rock it
Set in prehistoric times, CHUCK ROCK follows the exploits of the title character as he searches for his wife Ophelia, who has been kidnapped by a knuckle-dragger named Gary Gritter. You'll have to get through 19 levels in five bizarre worlds through the jungle, in a volcano, a primordial swamp, the Ice Age, and a dinosaur graveyard fighting everything from dinosaurs to boogie men as you pursue Gritter. Chuck has a few tricks up his sleeve like belly-bashes, odor-kicks, and rock-tossing to take out his enemies and proceed through the levels. Along the way, he can also pick up various power-ups and items that will help his cause. Will Chuck be able to save his wife from Gritter.even to this day it's still a good game to play through the graphics are still nicely done for the time music is from good to bad and the same for sound effects .. 8/10
Captain Commando (World 911014) (MAME) on January 6, 2009
A case of been there seen it ect!
While i did get a chance to play this in the arcade and it did take a few 50p's to finnish i guess thats the point of arcade games :) make them hard.but i also got this for my Snes which is the same verison but just a tad easy to finnish the basic story A ruthless posse of mutants led by the despicable Scumocide, is hatching a plan to take over control of the universe. Now it's up to Captain Commando and his group of renegade warriors to stop the plot and send Scumocide and his brood back to where they came from. You can play as any of four characters, each with special abilities and characteristics as you fight to keep the world safe. Baby Head is a mechanical missile launcher controlled by a baby genius; Ginzu the Ninja is a master with the blade; Mack the Knife's enigmatic presence gives him the upper hand; and Captain Commando, uses his energy glove of electricity and fire If you make it through all nine stages of action-packed fighting, you just might keep the Earth safe.
Legend of The Mystical Ninja, The (E) (Super Nintendo) on January 4, 2009
Very smart game
To this day i still have this little game for the Snes most games back then were rpg's or a mix between them this one trys both The first Super NES installment in the popular Japanese "Goemon" series was also the only one for the platform to be released.Suffering from an inaccurate translation that muddled the traditional Japanese comic heroes' origin with Chinese concepts, the game still displayed the same great gameplay as Japan's edition. Players slip into the role of Robin Hood figure Goemon and travel throughout ancient Japan in this comical action platformer with adventure elements. Explore towns, buy items and then jump head-on into graphically intense side-scrolling stages that make liberal use of the platform's trademark Mode 7 effects. One stage even has you turning the entire level upside down. The game also features a number of mini-games, including some very familiar to fans of Konami's classics.also this is still a tough game to beat but if you put in the hours that should pay off.overall lovely game with nice graphics and music,it's the mini games that i like :) 9/10

Gals Pinball (MAME) on January 4, 2009
Real pinball is better
on days gone by i watched people play this in my local arcade and i guess they were playing this just to strip the gals so in a way it not so much of a game but a tiny peep show just using pinball which i have to say dont play that well overall give this a miss :) if your nosey then please do dl it .....
Elevator Action 2 (US) (MAME) on January 4, 2009
More of the same
This is more or less the same game but with better graphics added on.the idea is the same get the plans catch the elevator which will drop you off at different floors with in that level,some doors open and a baddie will pop out ect as said more or less the same game as the first one.but is this better to be honest i did like the first one was simple get from a to b nice,all this does is bring that verison sort of upto date 7/10
Nemo (World 901130) (MAME) on January 2, 2009
Cute game this
From the start you will be thinking another little cute platform game,and to be honest you would be right.and in a good way thats what makes this game such a joy to play the first level has you on a train :) along with a few baddies which you can fire upone or jump on,most levels do look the same which is a shame coz this is a cute little game nice music and sound fx and the game play is more or less spot on not to hard but not so easy,this well worth a play or 4 ;-) 8/10
Rampart (U) (Super Nintendo) on January 1, 2009
Kewl in parts
i remember playing this in the arcade on that verison you had to use a track ball which was fun,Defend your land from an army of invaders in RAMPART. Build walls around the castles that dot the landscape if you completely enclose a castle, you will earn a cannon. Place the cannons and prepare for the attack. Once the attack starts, you must aim the cannons and try to keep the enemies at bay. After the attack subsides, the whole process starts over again. Will you be able to stop the invasion and save the land in RAMPART? might not be a classic Snes title but there is still fun to be had the graphics are ok music not so ok,overall very good in parts and it does get a bit same-ish after a while 8/10

Urban Strike (UEJ) [!] (Sega Genesis) on January 1, 2009
one strike to many !!!!!
I do have all 3 games for the megadrive and dersert strike is still my fav,Are you prepared to strike back? In URBAN STRIKE: The Sequel,for the Sega Genesis, you have to jump into a helicopter and take the battle all around the world. From the pilot's seat you're able to attack enemies, gather supplies, and complete other mission objectives that will take you to five levels that range from Hawaii to Las Vegas to Mexico. Each mission contains a varying set of parameters, though each guarantees quick shooting and flying action. The game also contains a password save system that brings you right back to where you left off. URBAN STRIKE: The Sequel to JUNGLE STRIKE follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and offers all of the action that the STRIKE series is known for, delivering the action right into the palm of your hand.i did enjoy replaying this title just not as much fun as the first one still if you want a good paced action game then this is for you. 7/10

Terminator (Sega Genesis) on January 1, 2009
Still a fun game

All the excitement of the original movie is rolled into one awesome video game for the Sega Gensis.Play as Kyle Reese,the hero who's gone back in time to help Sarah Conner escape fellow time-traveler, the Cyberdyne Systems model 101 (AKA the Terminator.) Eventually, Sarah's son will be the leader of an important social resistance unless, of course, the Terminator catches her and ends any hope for human life. Featuring six levels of white-knuckle gameplay, THE TERMINATOR furnishes you with lots of awesome weaponry and you'll really need every bit of it if you hope to reckon with the hyper-alloy robot chassis and human flesh of your evil friend. Polish your reflexes and lose all sense of remorse--it's time to become a mercenary.overall this is still fun to play and the six levels may not sound that many but there not that easy to complete without cheating :),also the music could have been better the game does have a nice intro and the sound fx's do fit the game well. 8/10

ActRaiser 2 (E) (Super Nintendo) on December 31, 2008
Lovely game
I had both titles for my Snes and where as the first one was a sort of rpg and a shooter-ish this does away with all that,the graphics are better music is not to bad and the game play is very good,your the hero in this magic soward type game which is not a bad thing,back then i found this to be hard to play now of course with a few hours of play i finnished it good game bad ending or maybe an actraiser 3 mmmmm's overall not to bad 8/10
Nemesis (MAME) on December 30, 2008
some nice memories
When i first played this way back in time i thought this was very good,the little ship could get power up's and you could pick which power up it got to use,choice of speed up bombs ect,and it does still play a good game.the only down side is that there is a game called "Parodius" for the arcade same company ish also theres a verison on the SneS called super Parodius which again is lovely with cute graphics,more or less the same GAME but with better graphics,so if you have not played Nemesis it is good on the other hand if you have played parodius thats AwesomE,this game a poor 7/10
Balloon Bomber (MAME) on December 29, 2008
space balloons
Strange little game this at first,but it does have a challnge not as easy as it looks,in some ways or is that most ways it's like space invaders but with balloons,very basic graphics for 1980's sort of thing that would pop on the spectrum48k,not that is a bad thing coz i ised to have that :-),you want to go back in time then this is worth it
Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 (MAME) on December 29, 2008
Still a fun game to play!!!
This being the 3rd game of 3 you would think they would learn from past misshaps,not that this is a bad game to some levels it's very good fun just these type of shooters dont really give you much of a chance,then again there not ment to because they want your money :-),graphics are very very good again like the others you pick your plane and while you travel through the level it's power up as fast as you can,the down side is that you lose a life then no power up's :) back to square one.overall still a good blaster die hards only 8/10
R-Type (US) (MAME) on December 28, 2008
Awesome Blaster
Some games just sort of fade a way after a while ,while this little blaster just seems to stay around.with most space shooters theres always somethig that lets it down with R-type thats not the case,there are some lovely moments in this classic shooter my fav is the worm like baddie half way through the level which is a nice touch,the main baddie at the end is not that hard to kill,you will have to try and keep yuor power up's the laser again is my fav maxed to the full,overall this is simply a must play for the arcade verison the other verisons dont really have the same impact (snes genisis) but the ps1 verison has both which does a good job,still this is my pick :-) 10-10
Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (set 1) (MAME) on December 28, 2008
Cute is good !!!
Strange when other games try and copy other games,bubble bobble is still a good little bubble burster.snow bro's is more or less the same game play but with a few added twists,i like the fact you can incase the baddies in snow and then use them to wipe out the others thats a nice touch,in BB you would incase the baddies in bubbles :-) ect.this one just beats BB on the grounds that the graphics are better and the game play makes for a fun game well worth a few plays 8/10
Universal Solder (U) (!) (Sega Genesis) on December 27, 2008
Yup you cant beat turrican
i do have to argree witht he reviewer below,once you have played the REAL turrican or turrican 2,then this wont match up dont get me wrong ,this is still a good little shoot em up and it's so close to turricanlike the way to pick up power up's,find hiding blocks or stomp on the baddies :),but unlike turrican from factor 5 which is the best verison,this one plaes into the distance levels are ok the music that made the the oringal turrican sadly is not here you can hear parts of that music that do remind if you want a ok shoot em up then this will do the job farily well,and just as a note there is a turrican game on the Genesis again sadly not in the same mould of the factor 5 and the amiga verison
Battle Toads (MAME) on December 27, 2008
Kewl toads :)
One of the best-looking titles for the NES, Battletoads borrowed heavily from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property. It took a trio of harmless reptiles and mutated them into a band of green-skinned, ass-kicking super heroes. What made the game so unique, apart from the admittedly rad hero and enemy design, was the varied gameplay. Battletoads splits between various play styles such as racing and climbing stages, all of which sported insane obstacles. And by insane, you should understand these challengers were wildly difficult. Battletoads was near impossible to complete. While theoretically possible to complete, few gamers could profess to beating the game without having to totally lie about it,still well worth a play and it still is hard to finnish ;-)
Jurassic Park (U)(56kbps) (Sega CD) on December 27, 2008
Still fun to play
Strange in some ways that you play a game way back in time and for,some reason i did not relly like this,even as this comes on a cd a was expecting more.The island of Jurassic Park has been hit hard by a storm, and you are sent to try and find the one last remaining dinosaur egg. Your character can turn a full 360 degrees to view the comprehensive landscape of this jungle. Get expert advice it does have full motuion video which at times is good the main game play is more point and click find things (Eggs) and other clues along the way,also this is a hard game to master and finnish,still if you have some time to spare worth a look
Mickey Mouse - World Of Illusion (E) (Sega Genesis) on December 25, 2008
Still a fun game to play
Mickey and Donald are the stars of this magical, mystical Disney challenge. After being transported to a distant world, our two heroes come up against a crafty sorcerer with evil powers. Now, the Disney duo must perform feats of might and magic in order to get back home. Journey across the skies on a magic carpet, tread through an enchanted forest, and explore the ocean's floor from inside a giant bubble! With five dazzling levels in all, WORLD OF ILLUSION will have you dodging floods, fighting through mine shafts, and more. Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Clarabelle, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are along for the adventure, completing the magnificent Disney party but hey all that does sound easy ish but trust me it's not very well made and thought out with lovely graphice and sound 8/10
Magic Sword (Japan 900623) (MAME) on December 25, 2008
it's a kind of magic :)
Some platform games just seem to stand the test of time and while this went on to other formats like the Snes it did turn out to be a very well thought out little game the basics are you travel through the levels collecting keys with which can be used to let some frinds out of there jail and they will help you on yuor travels in a way it's like climbing a big tower over all very good graphics and sound it's the game play that makes this game a joy to play and as such you should give it a chance 8/10
() on December 24, 2008
Awesome n64
You [lay Banjo, a sort honey bear on the hunt for your kidnapped sister, Tooty. By your side or actually on your back is your trusty friend, the red gull Kazooie. You'll have to travel through 10 different worlds, but to unlock the doors to those worlds, you'll need to find jigsaw puzzles and musical notes. Banjo and Kazooie each have different abilities to help you on your quest, and you can switch between the two in order to get the job done this still is one of my favs on the N64 top marks 10/10

Addams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (E) (Super Nintendo) on December 23, 2008
a classic family
just like the other two games this one has to be the cutest for graphics and for a change it's more on platform and puzzles as to the others this time a round you guide pugsley about the levels some of which are hard to complete again the music is nice as well as the sound fx it's the game play that makes this a gem to play not to hard but also not a push over but you will have fun trying to finnish the game 10/10
Addams Family Values (E) [t1] (Super Nintendo) on December 23, 2008
more of the same but better
The Addams family finds itself in a wacky situation once again, this time involving the newest member of the family Baby Pubert. Following the same plot as the movie, Addams Family Values puts you in the role of Uncle Fester as you try to rescue Pubert from his kidnapper--AKA his former nanny! Throughout this action or RPG, you'll come across familiar characters like Morticia, Gomez, and Lurch as you search for clues and prepare yourself for battle. There are 42 levels to challenge your skills, but you'll have plenty of weapons at your disposal to help your cause: spider eyes, headless teddy bears, and potions. If you're looking for an action RPG, look no further than Addams Family Values.

oh and this does have 42 levels and some strange weapons 9/10

Willow (US) (MAME) on December 21, 2008
Not many arcade games could claim to be good this one had me putting in 50p'sa lot of times willow is a lovely game with a nice story you have to go rescue your princness from the evil witch aint that always the case is cute games like this :) graphics are Awsome for there time music is also nice the controls are easy to learn and like all little fighters you will have to power up that can be done by collecting coins 10/10
Zool (E) (Super Nintendo) on December 21, 2008
Still fun to play
Another platform game on the snes this might not be the best of it's type then again nothing can really beat mario :) but this does a lovely job the levels are made of sweets (a bit james pond ish in parts) you get to kill the cute bad ass guys which is not that hard one thing that wont be in your faver is the time each level has to be done snd time does become a factor still if your looking for a fun way to spend a few hours then zool is good game play is also very good and the levels are nicely thought out 8/10
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (U) [!] (Super Nintendo) on December 21, 2008
Better than a movie
This is one of my favs on the snes a platform game where you have to kill zombies each level is like a maze and as you travel around zombies will pop up there will be a few power ups to collect which will make life easy ish the levels then selfs are nicely done mixed in with good game play and also a lovely sound track just make this a joy to play even to day i'm glad i kept my copy of this little classic 10/10
Worms (UEJ) (prototype) [c][!] (Sega Genesis) on December 21, 2008
Nice verison
This is a nice verison of Worms more or less like the pc verison which came out this verison is just so nice to play once you get into the game before you can start you need some worms which you can make your team from give each worm a name even give yuor team a name once all that is done then you can start the game proper oh and i have to give a shout to the lovely music gameplay is take turns yuor lil worm has to fire a wepon yuor choice ish at the other worm (which can be a second player) or the megadrive these take place of different backdrops some of which are nice if you win the best out of 2 you get the points a nice touch is you will know who was the best worm by there stats well worth a play and if you liked this one you wil have to get the other verison that came out on pc and ps1 worms 2 or even worms pinball :) worms on the genesis 8/10
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (U) [!] (Sega Genesis) on December 21, 2008
Still a good game
This is a war game with a twist (no not oliver) :-) if you like and it did pick on the war iraq it even has a nice intro that will show you this like saddam being the bossslapping a guy lol :) aside from that you get to fly to different parts of a level and you will have to rescue your captured mates or destroy buildings jeeps tanks oh and pick up fuel there a few dpots on the map ect the graphics are nice for the time and EA did a good job in the game play side of things not to hard but also not to easy and i still have this on cart :) 8/10
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (U) [!] (Sega Genesis) on December 21, 2008
Not the best
It's hard for a golf game like this one to compete with EA's verison of pga golf games this one does not have as many courses or players and the touraments are also lacking just like PGA your control is via a 3 click system which is ok and adding draw or fade to your shot is easy i still have this and EA's golf games Arnold game is more like EA's first pga game which at the time were good ish graphics but not the best ever the screen view could have been better the lil map takes to much space away if you need a golf game then this might do or go for EA's pga european golf (better graphics and sound) AP's gets a 7/10
Super Smash T.V. (U) [t1] (Super Nintendo) on December 19, 2008
whats on TV !!!!!
This little gem of a game is just so much fun to play imagine a game show where you have to kill lots abd LOTS of baddies from all directions which is nice and also they drop lots of cash and power up's which will come in handy during that level in one player mode it's a bit hard in two player mode it's still hard but at least you can nick there power ups and or money all that gets added up at the end of that level also there main bosses to kill off so over all this is a blast from the past one that i still own a snes classic 10/10
Area 88 (J) (Super Nintendo) on December 19, 2008
Just another shoot em up
Firstly the picture of alex kidd on the download now is not what you will be getting if you dl this title :) .. Area 88 is just another space type shoot em up and the snes did have a few sadly this is not best of it's type you get a choice of who you want to take at the start from there you can also upgrade yuor ship and the on board weps then it's off to shoot helie's ground based units mid level bosses ect nothing new to add as a shooter but it does have a good name behind it capcom plays well enough but you will have all ready played this type of game 6/10
Elite (Amiga) on December 19, 2008
in it's day
Strange to think that in it's day this was simply the best space trader game out there and boy i used to spend hours on this little game,you could say that this game has no end as you can keep on going till you take over the universe :) game play wise you start off with a crap space ship and in order to upgrade that you will have to trade goods with other planets of course along the way you will get attack by others or you can attack them and take there goods thats it more or less in a nut shell sell the goods buy a better ship like the viper :) not much in the way of music the docking music is very nice the other sound fx is ok it's the game play that makes this game just a joy to play 10/10
Magic Sword (U) [t1] (Super Nintendo) on December 18, 2008
Capcom at there best
First off this game is very like black tiger then again magic sword is made by the same company CapCom,the story follows you on yuor travels through the levels and along the way you have to kill some beats that get in your way also you can pick up power up's which will come in handy,the levels are nicely down and the graphics are good along with the sound gameplay wise it's not to easy or hard to complete plus the fact it is a bit on the short side you will finnish this in under an hour which is ok :) i still have my snes and this game not the best platform shoot/beatem up but also not the worst if you have some spare time then this is worth a play 8/10
Bomb Jack (set 1) (MAME) on December 17, 2008
back in time
Way back in time i used to love this game in the arcade i went and of course this was also in the commodore64 and the Snes :) this verison is still good it's not going to blow you away with it's good looks but the game play is solid just go around the screen getting the bombs grabing power up's you can even do combo's and yuo cant take your time overall very catch music and sound soild game play it's the levels that dont really change to much and as a result it does get a bit same ish, should take you a few trys to finnsih this 6/10
Streets of Rage (JUE) [!] (Sega Genesis) on December 17, 2008
raging on the streets
All of the streets of rage games 1/3 are just simply the best games on the megadrive when they came out and this being the first of 3 was almost an instint hit i still have this for the MD as well as the fighter stick (6) buttons and while playing through this again it did bring back some memories the graphics are very good music and sound fx are also good it's the game play which is spot on not to hard and not to easy the down side it's way to short 6 stages and the baddies are just to easy to kill the big bosses are not that hard to get rid off that guy with the boomerrang :) over all nice game and of course you have to get SOR2 and SOR3 my mark for SOR1 8/10
Black Tiger (MAME) on December 15, 2008
A little bit of magic
i loved this game when it was out in the arcade i must have put a few pounds in and the strange thing is i never finnished it,as to the game it's self yet another platform game from a good company capcom graphics are nice and the game play is also very good the main goal is to get to the end of that level kill the boss then move on to the next in between that some baddies you kill will drop coins which can be used to buy better power up's the only down side is the levels dont really change that much and does get a bit same ish as you travel around still a good game well worth a play 8/10
PGA Tour Golf (U) (Super Nintendo) on December 15, 2008
Poor game on the snes
This game has to be one of the worst verison of this title the graphics are how to say crude the controls a bit iffy the courses on offer are more or less

the same a few trees added bunkers and i am sorry to say that i did buy this when it came out and i still have it :) dont matter to me if it's a bit crap the megadrive version is far better which i also have :) still if your at home and want to try this then yeah will pass some time away while golf games have come along way since this title was out die hard fans only 4/10

Gods (E) (Super Nintendo) on December 14, 2008
The game of the gods
Gods came out also on the megadrive which was more or less the same game maybe some sound difference,gods on the snes is another lovely game to play through it has all the good bits a platform game should have nice graphics nice music and sound effects and some neat little puzzles mixed in the levels which are well thought out as you go through the game you will pick up power ups for your wep's also some loot will fall which you can use at the shop keepers around the levels the bitmap brothers have made a good game here and if you have the time to spare well worth a play **10/10**
Super R-Type (J) [!] (Super Nintendo) on December 14, 2008
not the best
R-Type has to be one of the best blasters in space but on the snes it just dont feel right and i have played a few verisons this one is let down by bad game play the graphics are nothing like the other verisons when you die you have to go all the way back to the start of the level which does seem odd the actual boss dudes are easy ish to kill dont get me wrong this is still a good game and back then there were not cheap to buy more or less the price of a new ps3 game today if you get the chance to play R-type and play that you wont come back to this one -die hard fans only- 6/10
Parodius - Non-Sense Fantasy (E) (Super Nintendo) on December 14, 2008
Snes classic
This has to be one of the snes better games for one or two players this is once cute space blaster with a difference right from the start your giving a lovely intro to watch about this game comming upto date a nice touch when you get into the game play thats where this stands out the graphice are tops music is also well thought out as well as the levels the baddies and the boss guys all play a vital role in making this game one of the best on the snes half way through the first level you'll come across a cat in a boat :) and the boss is a big bird you have to kill (shoot at his belly button) again the power ups are nice and make killing the cute baddies a joy you can use the auto power up or you can make the change your self shoot 5 baddies and a lil power up will fall pick them up and so on i always loved this game and since i do have the Snes and this game :) strange playing on the pc mmmm's cant beat a joypad if your looking for a fun blaster then look no futher than this little Gem from konami ** 10 out of 10 **
Parodius DA! (World) (MAME) on December 12, 2008
A space shooter thats better than most
It's not offen you will come across a lovely space shooter one that will keep you playing till you compelte it Parodius has every thing going for it,lovely graphics sound music and levels mixed in with some over the top but funny boss dudes and as well as all that theres some nice power ups to be had as you travel through out each level also some baddies you kill will drop a BELL which will change colour each time you hit it and the baddies them selfs are just a joy to see and to kill,if you do happen to read this then this is a must have/keep game in my case it's just one of them games that i played way back on my SneS which i still have,over all score 10/10
Dead Connection (World) (MAME) on December 12, 2008
Nice game play
When you first play this game you will be thinking i have played something more or less the same the game that comes to mind is Smash Tv,game play wise this is set in the 30's gangster and it is your job if you like to go a kill them each level has a different amount of gangsters to kill and you can fire in all directions as said a bit like smash tv but not as good with the graphics over all i did have fun playing this and it will keep you going for a while untill your complete the game overall 7/10
Shadow Dancer (US) (MAME) on December 10, 2008
da ja veu but with a dog
when you play this game you will be thinking i have played something very like this game thats when you say Shinobi which is a very good game where shadow dancer show some difference is that you get a little cute dog who will try his best to cover your back or you can send him in to battle just remember to keep an eye on him after all we dont want to let the dog die ! which might happen the game play is Shinobi but with different back grounds and i am happy to say this also plays very well right from the intro screen with the doggie barking if i had to find a down side is that when you die you are sent all the way back to the start of the stage which does seem unfair apart from that this is a good game nice graphics and sound enjoy ....

Graphics 8/10

Sound 8/10

Gameplay 9/10

overall 9/10

Bucky O'Hare (World version EA) (MAME) on December 10, 2008
Good game
When you first play this game it's the nice intro and the graphics you will first notice and even in between the levels theres some cut sceans with voice a nice touch the over all gamply play is like a side scrooling afair where you have to shoot and rescue little bunnys and with in that context thats the game more or less it has a flash gorden type feel to it with the voice overs inbetween each level and your also out to save the planet nice game just a bit easy still good for a few plays

Graphics 8/10

sound 8/10

gameplay 6/10

overall 7/10

Bubble Memories - The Story Of Bubble Bobble 3 (World) (MAME) on December 10, 2008
More bubbles
I remember playing the first verison of bubble bobble way back in time you could say that is in a way just a fancy update to that one once you get into the game the memories come flooding back just as before your blowing bubbles to trap the bad guys (which is fun when there two players) and the you sort of burst there bubble :) to get points and bonus fruits with much better graphice and sound and game play i like this verison enjoy

Graphics 8/10

sound 8/10

gameplay 9/10

overall 9/10

Sega Ninja (MAME) on December 8, 2008
Brings back some memories
This little gem brings back some nice memories was lucky enough to play this in the arcade and i also have this very game on the master system which still works (i think) not booted up my master system for a while the game style is a top moving sort of shoot em up you go on your travels with your little ninja and just have to kill off the bad guys that come at you at times they will drop some little item for you to pick up some give points while others will power up your main wepon very easy to get in to the swing of things and for a 1985 game the sound is not that bad and the music is soso but the game play makes up for that ....

**Graphics 8/10

**Sound 5/10

**gameplay 8/10

**overall 8/10

City Connection (set 1) (MAME) on December 8, 2008
Fun driving game with a twist
This is a nice game to play from jaleco it's a driving game with a twist if you like the basics are you drive your little car over the platform to colour in the sections and then you move on to the next city not much changes overall from city to city except the backgrounds the car can move left to right you can also jump from platform to platform and you little car can fire a shot or two the pit falls are other cars are out to stop you some oil cans are scartterd here and there and your also on a timer gameplay wise it's nice and easy good graphics nice music and sound effects still a nice game to pass away some time enjoy

**graphics = 7

**sound = 7

**gameplay = 8

**overall = 8

DoDonPachi (International) (MAME) on December 8, 2008
This is a blast from the past
What can i say about this game well i can start by saying that this is such a good blaster with some awesome power up's and lovely graphics to match the fast paced action as to the game it plays like a dream hard to believe this was out in 95 basic game play is you can pick your wepon at the start and like most space type games the power up's make the gameplay special also by blowing up things which again is a nice touch on screen power ups will drop from the baddies you kill also keep a look out for stars and the BIG star helps with your over all score sound effects are spot on as well as the nice vocal between levels music is a bit of a let down but dont really spoil the game on the down side it is a bit easy can be finnished in 30 mins or so but that 30 mins is pure FUN a must have for shooters out there

**This game works well**

**controls = ctrl main wep**

**alt = bombs**

Graphics = 8

sound = 7

gameplay = 8

overall = 8

Halley's Comet (US) (MAME) on December 7, 2008
Good little shotter
Halleys comet is a nice shoot em up from taito in the same vain as star force but not as good to play the graphics are simple and the game play is not really all that good the in game music does not seem to fit the game theme IE a space shooter but i can live with that what lets it down is that not a lot of varaiton between levels also very easy you should finnish this inside of 25 mins which is a pitty there area few other shooters which are better than this one overall 5/10

**note this game does work**

Scramble (MAME) on December 7, 2008
Time does tell
This little game does not age to well graphics are very simple and the game play is also the same i dont remember playing this in the arcade but i did have a verison on the spectrum and that is what we have here i dont want to be to harsh on the game it's a side on shooter your weps are missiles and tiny bullets and you use these to kill the baddies which will fly upwards you will also have to destroy fule tanks to keep going with in that level or you will crash,overall the levels dont really change that much while some nearly make it tough to squeeze past sound effects are ok no music as such not the best blast from the past still fun to pass away 30 mins or so ..5/10..

**This game works**

**Graphics 4/10

**sound 4/10

**my raiting 5/10

Operation Wolf (US) (MAME) on December 7, 2008
Nice game
I'll have to be honest and say that i have never played this game untill today and i thought it was going to be a bit of a dud BUT it turned out to be different what we have here is a simple but very good shoot em up which is side scrolling where you move the target site with your mouse and the left button fires your weps an early verison of virtual cop :) had to think this game was out in 1987 and the graphics are very good your main task is to kill the baddies and save the goodies as you shoot there will be a few pick up's for weps then you get to the end of level boss i did not think this would be a good game but i was wrong well worth a download overall mark 8/10
R-Type II (MAME) on December 7, 2008
Bigger but not better
While R-Type was a massive hit back in the 90's from the arcade to home computers and consoles because of the game play with lovely levels R-Type2 is more or less then same as the first one and does suffer from some of the same faults of rtype when you get killed your taken back to the start of the level or if you have made it past the half way point you will srart from there BUT with out your power up's which can cause some panic :) again this is a side on scroller the level design are not to bad and as for the wepons they could have been better again the graphics do a nice job and really do drag you into the game you will want to complete the game the down side is it's more or less R-Type which is not a bad thing just a bit same ish 7/10
Pang (World) (MAME) on December 7, 2008
This is stilla cute game
Many games come and go and pang was not the biggest hit for tatio but was still a fun game to play also there have been a few follow up's pang2 super pang ect this verison plays like a dream the graphics are very good along with the sound game play wise sounds so simple just burst ballons once there gone the level will end and the faster you do it the more points you wil get some ballons will drop power ups that may help while as others they wont case point is one power up will blow up the ballons in to different bits which make them smaller overall this is still a good puzzle game well worth a play 8/10
R-Type Leo (World rev. C) (MAME) on December 6, 2008
This is R-type
R-type has to be one of my fav shooters of all time the levels the power up's even the bosses were awesome this verison of rtype is very different fell to it than it's big bro the graphics do stand up much better and the pace is fast as the action is more or less non stop and the main bosses are not as hard as the other R-type still put up a good fight til you know there weak spot over all lovely graphics looks nice full screen controls are easy to get to grips with well worth a download ....
Mr. Do! (MAME) on December 6, 2008
Mr do plays well
This is a good verison of Mr do from universal and still plays well this time round the game it's self is easy to get into just go about the levels shooting an apple here or there or you can push them and when they fall on a baddie they get squashed and at some point a letter will come along shoot that and a letter will be saved get all 5 and you get a life also thers a chance that a big jewel will pop out mega points over all this is not a bad game still fun to play enjoy ...
TURRICAN (Amiga) on December 6, 2008
One of the best
This is one of the best shoot em ups on the commodore amiga from the title screen you will know this is going to be a good game the power ups are nice the baddies are nice to kill a special note has to go to the music in this game just simply AWESOME and with most shoot em up's the levels are big and do have secret bits where power up blocks can be found here and there if you have not played this game you will enjoy i will say the controls are better with a joystick as to the keys also if you get Turriacn 2 another good game and a lovely follow up more of the same but harder ....
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (MAME) on December 6, 2008
Still a good game
While i never played this in the arcade i did get to play this on the master system and since i've played this verison it does bring back some nice memories i guess this game is like a mini rpg where you go on a quest and defete some bad guys and boss dudes along the way also you collect coins which can be spent on items to power your little guy up the controls are nice and easy and the game it's self is easy to finnish with a few credits still a lot of fun compleating the game a nice walk in the past go on grab your sword ...
Klax (set 1) (MAME) on December 6, 2008
Puzzles games
While this may not be the best puzzle game of all time i did spend a few 50p 's playing this and never really got into it the graphics are nice game play is easy ish just get 3 colours in a row and so on while theres a few other puzzle games more or less like this one the controls are simple and easy to master the game on the other hand is not so easy at first but you will learn the best way overall very good .
Airwolf (MAME) on December 6, 2008
Not the best
i remember playing this on my commodore 64 never really played the arcade verison and after a few plays it is more or less the same verison as the c64 the arcade dont really have the music and sound effects that the c64 had also i found the arcade verison did play better and was harder now the graphics do look dated still plays a good game wont be that easy to finnish off was nice playing this
() on December 6, 2008
Still a very good game
Shinobi still is a nice side on beat em up with nice graphics to match and some good music just adds to the overall atmosphere what does stand out is the game play that is not to hard but also not to easy some of the boss battles are fun the only thing that does let it down is that the game is a bit sameish after the first few levels and should take 40 mins or less to complete overall still worth adding to your games collection i still like the bouns section where you have to hit a certain amount of baddies for some extra points
Out Run (set 1) (MAME) on December 4, 2008
This still is a good game
Boy this little game takes me back a bit

in time and when i first played this

yeah i know it was a good driving game

adding a different way to endings was good

back then and when you win yuor girlfriend

might hug you or slap you :)

on the down side there is no real reward

to complete all race endings a bit same ish

at times overall still a classic game and well

worth a play or 6



Graphics = 8

sound = 8

controls = 7

overall = 8

R-Type (Japan) (MAME) on September 6, 2008
an all time classic
This has to be one of the best shooters of it's day

and it still plays a mean game and the lecels are just

so nice as well as the power up's the whole game just comes

together so nicely like being back in the arcard the

only difference is you dont have to keep feed it money :)

so yeah a true classic *and as a foot note this also did

make it's way to the ps1* in which the mag gave it a 8 out of ten

and thats what i will give it well an ectra half point since it's

the arcade verison


Mr. Do! (Taito) (MAME) on September 6, 2008
still a good game
way back in time this is the sort of game

that would make it on to a computer like the

commodore 64 ect i prefare this verison as it's

true to the arcade one i played many a time :)

it's nice when you get a BIG gem from them apples

keep your eye out for them my overall score which

are out of 5

Graphics 3.5

sound 3.7

replay value 4

overall 4

download and enjoy


1941 - Counter Attack (World) (MAME) on September 6, 2008
boy how time flys
You know i have been at this site for as long as i can

remember now that i have a new pc :) got back to getting some old classics

this game run fine on my p3 with 512k of mem and a bog starnderd graphics card

this is the type of game you would put a few 50p in to play and being abel

to play it for as long as you want is nice graphics are very good sound could have been better contorls are easy for firing and using powerups

over all very good game and as a foot note this review

goes for most if the 1941 verison download and enjoy


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