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Sengoku 2 (NeoGeo CD) on September 1, 2014
Pointless since 3 came out
Sengoku 2 was never one of the best looking Neo Geo games even back in the day. It hasn't aged well and looks terrible next to Sengoku 3 and the Capcom arcade beat em ups. The neo geo was capable of more. It is like their artist was on vacation when this game was made.

Download 3 and play it on the Nebula emulator (where it seems to work). If you play on a neo geo cd then throw it in the trash and use an emulator instead. The neo CD was never "authentic". It's long loading times and remastered sound tracks made it nothing like playing in the arcades or on the AES. The games were cheaper but you were lucky if they loaded while you were still alive. I am still waiting to start a game of Fatal Fury which started loading on my neo CD back in 1997.

Double Dragon II - The Revenge (World) (MAME) on August 12, 2014
not nearly as good as the 1st one
I remember the first time I played double Dragon 2 in the arcades when I was a kid, I thought the controls were broken. In those days, it was unusual for arcades buttons to be wired up wrong, be broken or sometimes not even have the right number.

It turns out that they meant for it to play like that. You have one attack from the right and one from the left button. I initially thought this might be useful for dealing with crowds (once I got used to them). They aren't good for that or anything else. If you are hitting an enemy on the right and you try to hit one behind you, you will just get hit to the ground.

The game is ridiculously hard. If I was using real money, I would never get past level one. The graphics are terrible. The first scene is a slight upgrade from the look of the 1st game but after that, it is like they knew that nobody would ever seem them, so all of the levels look even worse than DD1. The cows on level 2 in the background, look like I drew them while wearing boxing gloves.

You get 1 life and no health upgrades. There are no burgers lying on the ground to repair that knife wound like in final fight. It is like someone told the designers that people spent too long playing DD1 and this was their answer. You could finish DD1 with a single credit by using the elbow attack. In DD2, they made it useless, along with all of your other attacks. Anyone that ever played DD2 in the arcades would have never played it twice. it is virtually no fun at all :(

The first DD was a classic. This one doesn't even qualify as a game...

Soccer Brawl (MAME) on August 12, 2014
fun and less serious soccer games
There are plenty of serious soccer simulations on home consoles these days, with realistic graphics and animation, plus all of the well known football teams to choose from. The problem is that they are not that much fun for non-soccer fans.

Soccer brawl is a simple and fun arcade soccer game. It is designed to be picked up in 30 seconds for a quick 5 minute game. The added violence gives it a more universal appeal (and is what is missing from the real game imo :)

This was the game that I used to bring out on my Neo Geo when I was a kid, when my friends asked "do you have any football games".

It's a great game and exactly what you would expect from an SNK soccer game. It has huge sprites (for a soccer game) and they just couldn't resist making it a beat em up too!

Captain Commando (World 911014) (MAME) on August 9, 2014
a lot of fun
Those of use who used to play these games in the arcades will remember that they offered huge sprites and generally superior graphics to anything ported to a home console. Captain Commando has the elements that you are looking for from a classic arcade game. Who sprites, a choice of great characters, loads of selectable weapons to pick up, varied and interesting levels and simple but addictive controls that anyone can pick up and play for 5 minutes without needing to learn anything complicated.

If you love Final Fight (as all real men did!), you will love this too. Modern games look more realistic and have more depth but their complicated controls takes away your ability to just have a quick game when you feel like it. I prefer the old ones. It is not just me either. My friends 6-year old was here playing Captain Commando yesterday and he loved it just as much as I did when I was a kid. He screamed like he was on fire when his parents tried to make him stop playing when it was time to go home. This game will make you feel all nostalgic, just like you wanted!

Viewpoint (MAME) on August 8, 2014
Shame it doesn't work on mame
Viewpoint looks like a 3d shooter made with polygons but the angular 3d ships were actually 2d sprites that took advantage of the Neo Geo's excellent (and at the time, unique) sprite scaling. It was ahead of it's time but that is not what I remember most. It was the fact that I paid over $200 for it and that it was the most difficult shooter I ever played. Even with free credits, I couldn't finish it.

When I was 15, I worked for over 2 weeks in a furniture shop to be able to buy this game on the Neo Geo. It was rare even then. I was really looking forward to checking it out again but unfortunately it is one of the many that doesn't seem to work with the Mame emulator from this site :(

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