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More Screenshots - June 14, 2004

Screenshots are now available for 20 systems. You can view them all in the screenshot section or by going to the download page of the select games. We may have too many screenshots now...

MAME Screenshots - June 11, 2004

Added 2,706 MAME game screenshots. These can be seen in the screenshot section or in the download section for any of the select MAME games.

MAME 0.81 Added - April 4, 2004

MAME 0.81 was released one day after we updated to MAME 0.80. Although this wasted a lot of our time because we had to update twice instead of doing it all at once, we did it right away just to show you how much we care. Enjoy! Also, all of the ratings were reset today because added over 6,000 roms recently and made many major changes. This will make the top rom charts more accurate.

Snes 2.01 added - April 1, 2004

Super Nintendo version SNES Good 2.01 was added today. It is the newest version and contains 6766 Snes roms. Almost 3000 of these are new, so take a look at the Super Nintendo section.

MAME 0.80 added - March 30, 2004

We now have all of the games for MAME 0.80. This is the newest version of MAME. MAME 0.80 contains 4796 rom sets.

Nintendo roms updated - March 25, 2004

The Nintendo rom section is now up to date with all the latest Nes games.

Full set of MAME ROMs added - September 27, 2003

We finished adding a FULL set of MAME ROMs today. Yes, you read this correctly. We now have every MAME ROM in existence. It comes out to a total of 3,412 MAME ROMs. I think it is safe to say we have every rom now.

Added 5,000 Gameboy / Gameboy Color ROMs! - August 28, 2003

Added 5,000 ROMs to our Gameboy and Gameboy Color section. This means we now have a full set, except for the illegal roms of course which are listed below.

Gameboy Color ROMs are denoted by a [C] in the title. You can also check the file extension with our unzip function. Files with .gbc extensions are Gameboy Color and .gb files are Gameboy.

More Game Screenshots - August 23, 2004

Updated the screen snap shots for most of our popular systems, including Neo Geo, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, and Super Nintendo. I also created a new section for NeoGeo Pocket screen shots. Plan on seeing hundreds of Sega CD ISOs coming in real soon along with the newest MAME roms set.

Dreamcast Emulator Out! - June 27, 2004

A new Dreamcast emulator called Chankast has been released. I waited a little bit to post this, so I could verify whether its another hoax or not. This is indeed not a fake! I have downloaded and played a game on it successfully. I may put up a page with screenshots and a tutorial about this later.

On another note; Rom-World is expanding to fit the needs of the high traffic we are receiving. Right now I am backing up all the rom files and later this week I will be setting up the new server. I apologize for the downtime in between this switch, but I need to take the files offline to speed things up. When I am done everyone will be experiencing much faster rom and emulator downloads.

Advanced Search Engine - June 17, 2004

The rom search engine now has advanced functionality. You may make an advanced search by clicking "advanced" under the search on the left side of every page. Please report any bugs to me.

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