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File Name:perfect dark (e) (m5) [!].zip (view contents)
System:N64 / Nintendo 64
Size:28.98 MB
Rating: 4.71/5 (62 voters) 

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Great game by horm on August 30, 2009
I remember playing this game all night long. The ability to actually play w?numerous sims on your team or against you is what makes this game so unique. It's why I still own a n64 and always will. I was hoping that it would be made for this generation of consoles but instead perfect dark was ruined by the 360 version of perfect dark 0. I will treasure my n64 cartridge for years and years ;-)
Perfect Freaking awesomeness!! by seanburgundy on January 17, 2009
Rating: 10/10
Everytime I mention Perfect Dark to pretty much any gamer they intantly compare it to Goldeneye, and that pretty much drives me insane... Goldeneye was like the foreplay that Nintendo had with us right before the sex fest that was code named perfect dark. I swear to god to this day there hasnt been a game that is anywhere near as cmplete as perfect dark. I remember the first day we finally beat elvis sim in the challenge section, Im telling you me and my buddies acted like we had just won the freaking super bowl or something... No games legacy willl live on im my circle of friends as long and as intensely as Pefect Dark will.
Almost As Good As Goldeneye by Danny_Joyce on November 22, 2008
Rating: 10/10
This is possibly one of the best first person shooters of all time, this game was made after goldeneye which this game looked alot more polished , there was reloading animations which were not present in goldeneye ( gun dissapeared off the screen for reloading) . this game is undeniably one of the best shooting games ever made, when i was younger i loved this game, the missions were never the same as the objectives were all different and there was an actual story to the game which in other shooters it was not present ! Overall i give this game a 10 for it's amasing gameplay , good graphics and story
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