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File Name:Sengoku (view contents)
System:NeoGeo CD
Size:53.02 MB
Rating: 4.32/5 (34 voters) 

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Pointless since 3 came out by neogeoowner on September 1, 2014
Rating: 6/10
Sengoku 2 was never one of the best looking Neo Geo games even back in the day. It hasn't aged well and looks terrible next to Sengoku 3 and the Capcom arcade beat em ups. The neo geo was capable of more. It is like their artist was on vacation when this game was made.

Download 3 and play it on the Nebula emulator (where it seems to work). If you play on a neo geo cd then throw it in the trash and use an emulator instead. The neo CD was never "authentic". It's long loading times and remastered sound tracks made it nothing like playing in the arcades or on the AES. The games were cheaper but you were lucky if they loaded while you were still alive. I am still waiting to start a game of Fatal Fury which started loading on my neo CD back in 1997.

Sengoku 2 by Clessy on March 14, 2009
Rating: 8/10
The excellent follow up to the Snk's orginal Sengoku. Sengoku is essentically Snk's answer to Final Fight and Street of Rage.

This is a weapons bases 2d side scrolling brawller. You travel there multiple stages fighting horids of enemies.

Graphics: 6/10. When the game came out the graphics where rather decent. However

compared to later games on the neogeo it has become outdated.

Music: The cd version offers amazing cd quality audio. With the old school usual catchy tunes you will love it. Perfectly fits the game.

Controls: Pretty tight not as good directionally as it should be.

Overall: 8/10

Pretty much a must own if you're only a CD owner as you cant play sengoku 3.

Real Fight Game by faisca on October 30, 2008
The gameplay, like just about all beat-'em-ups of the era, is easy to get into but has an interesting gimmick. You have the standard attack button and jump, but the third button is the "change" button. By defeating a mini boss you'll receive a "fighting sprit." The fighting sprit can be three things: wolf, samurai, or ninja. Each spirit has its strengths and weaknesses, and it's wise to use them when you can use their strengths the best. When you receive a spirit, you can change into them by pressing the change button. Being in spirit form does have a time limit, so you must use them fast before changing back to your human form. When the time limit is up, you'll revert back to your human form until you regain another spirit again later on in the game.
Weapon based fighter by sukhi10 on September 8, 2008
This is superb game which has weapons and use defence to block the fights are good it has switching from a different characters so you choose a different person to fight the right enemies this game use both martial arts and weapons.
totally mindblowing by sukhi10 on September 7, 2008
Sengoku 2 is amazing to play from start to finish it's a tough game to beat, the graphics outstanding, gameplay is top notch use different characters and weapons to defeat enemies the combat is fantastic use your skill and tachniques to defeat enemies and bosses there are block so enemy can hit you while you are doing that you can switch to another chracter while playing which is really good idea.

Snk quality weapon based fighter which is hard to put down, overall this game is masterpiece in every way.

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