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File Name:Aero Fighters 3 [Aero Fighters 3].zip (view contents)
System:NeoGeo CD
Size:47.79 MB
Rating: 4.44/5 (385 voters) 

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The best shooter by full throttle_hmong on November 30, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Aero Fighters 3 also name as Sonic Wings 3, it is the sequel to Aero fighters 2 and is a cartridge based video game where world is once again dangerously close to total destruction. Ten new teams of aero-fighters have set out to battle a mysterious air force. Multi-endings produce a different ending for each character selected. Aero Fighters 3 is design to run on the Neo Geo system. Aero Fighters 3 is also known as Sonic Wings 3.
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