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File Name:Art of Fighting [Ryuuko No Ken].zip (view contents)
System:NeoGeo CD
Size:66.76 MB
Rating: 4.33/5 (231 voters) 

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One of the best looking games of it's day by XABBU on May 24, 2009
This game has great graphics, story, and sound. The only drawback is the choppy gameplay and frustratingly high difficulty level (though nowhere near as bad as part 2). It actually is possible to beat this game though because I did it after many hours of trial and error. Here's a tip, use lot's of jump kick-low attack combos, other than that keep your distance and throw fireballs. Good luck.
Moving Big Character!! by uniro on May 1, 2009
The characteristic of this game is big character and unique systems.

Big character make battle powerful and attractive. Old good simple attack such as low punch, hi-punch and attractive deadly blow are very nice. The most characteristic system is gauge of "ki"("ki" is miracle power human have incide). You use deadly blow and your gauge of "ki" decrese. This system make tactics. I think that this game will be immortal.

Excellent fighter by sukhi10 on September 7, 2008
This is an great fighting game with amazing graphics and large characters, the gameplay is really good it has only 2 playable characters which are really good fighters the game has good martial arts from jumping of the walls,fireballs,fly kicks,uppercut and basic moves it's one of the great fighter get in the arena and prepare for the fight to the end.
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