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File Name:E.V.O. Search for Eden (U).zip (view contents)
System:SNES / Super Nintendo
Size:1.16 MB
Rating: 4.71/5 (160 voters) 

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A hidden gem by 420warrior on February 8, 2009
Rating: 8/10
A strange game that is an rpg mixed with a platformer, a great concept, much like most rpgs you attack creatures and get experience points, but in this you use your points to upgrade your body parts. You may start as a little guppie, but before long you can buy a new jaw followed by an improved fin, and very soon your a wicked crazy shark, or maybe you wanna be a stupid little narwhal, you can evolve into that too, the pastabilites are endless.
Who would have thought science class could be fun by beamerkiller on February 3, 2009
Rating: 9/10
An excellent game from a bygone era. They don't make games like this that mix science, a good sense of humor, and decent gameplay. The storyline of this game is excellent and the gameplay while a little clunky is easily navigable. You start at roughly the beginning of life on the planet and evolve your character through the ages into a human, going from fish, to amphibian, to dinosaur or bird, to finally a mammal. You can actually learn a little bit about the theory of evolution, all while playing a great throwback game.
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