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File Name:Sonic The Hedgehog CD (E) (192kbps).zip (view contents)
System:Sega CD
Size:76.32 MB
Rating: 4.55/5 (789 voters) 

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The best of our favorite blue dude with a 'tude! by shadow1111111 on March 15, 2009
Rating: 9/10
Sonic CD is the ultimate example of what a Sonic the Hedgehog game should be. Simple story, tight gameplay, and awesome music. From Toot Toot Sonic Warrio to Cosmic Eternity, the music will make you wanna dance. The levels are designed with speed as well as clever platforming that get rather difficult. Not to mention this is the game that introduced Amy and Metal Sonic, 2 of my favorite characters in the series. The special stages for the time stones, the game's equivilant to chaos emeralds, are fun 3d arenas where hovering unidentified flying objects must be destroyed. Overall Sonic CD is recemmendable to all gamers, and mostly all Sonic fans!
The end of Sonic the Hedgehog by moshdan on March 8, 2009
Rating: 10/10
The classic four sonic games were a staple to one of the best consoles. Its difficult to find another francise where each game improves upon the last but 2D sonic games did just that.

It was a delight for me to find, almost 8 years after S&K, there was a further Sonic game I hadnt played, and after so many years away from the classic series it was surprising that a game I had never played gave me the same nostelgia.

I call this game the end of sonic because it feels like the most advanced the series developed without losing what was great about the old sonic games.

cool by narender on March 8, 2009
Rating: 3/10
Sonic The Hedgehog CD by Oh_Yeah on September 26, 2008

Sonic The Hedgehog CD. Sonic's third adventure, and the only Sonic game released on the Sega CD system.

By 1993, Sonic 2 had already been out for a year, and the series had become one of the biggest things in gaming around that time. But before Sonic 2 had even come out, Sega had begun the workings of what would eventually become Sonic CD (hence the reason for the similar graphics like Sonic's animations and the shield and lamposts from Sonic 1). It was also around 1993 that Sega had begun to promote their Sega CD add on, so they also thought it would be a good idea to jump the gun and throw their mascot on that system as well. Thus, Sonic CD came into existence.

Now unlike some Sega CD games which were just Genesis ports with added CD-quality music and the "CD" thrown on the end of the title, Sonic CD is actually its own game, and boy does it sure do a lot to stand out from the others. This adventure sports 2 awesome soundtracks (one for Japan, and another one for everywhere else), TONS of levels, some new tricks, and most evidently the main feature of the game: the ability to time travel. That's right. You can literally CHANGE TIME PERIODS WITHIN EACH ACT FROM THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE! How cool is that? Sadly, to this day, no other Sonic game (and even most games out there) has ever tried to mimmick this awesome feature. Now some Sonic fanatics out there will tell you that Sonic CD isn't an official Sonic game, and they'll put it down relentlessly in favor of the Genesis titles. While I agree that the Genesis Sonic games are all classics, don't listen to these fools who diss on this masterpiece. It's a very underrated game in the context of the rest of the series sadly due to its only platform being the Sega CD, which few were willing to shell out cash for a whole system just to play one game (let's face it, aside from Sonic CD, the Lunars, Terminator, Snatcher and a handfull of others, the rest of the games on the Sega CD were nothing but FMV crap). But there are many who have, and most will tell you it is indeed a great game and fits right alongside greats in the series like Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic Advance 3

Good'ld by supaflyin on February 16, 2009
Rating: 8/10
Okay, this is, hands-down, Sonic's GREATEST 16-bit adventure EVER! (SCD's Special Stages still remain a favorite!) Q-Sound Stereo music (which completely topples anything that the Genesis/Mega Drive could ever reach!), 7 awesome-looking Zones, a new time-travel system, and cool new characters and moves make this Sonic's best old-school quest EVER!
Sonic the Hedgehog CD by bizzy_one on January 29, 2009
Rating: 10/10
Okay, this is, hands-down, Sonic's GREATEST 16-bit adventure EVER! (SCD's Special Stages still remain a favorite!) Q-Sound Stereo music (which completely topples anything that the Genesis/Mega Drive could ever reach!), 7 awesome-looking Zones, a new time-travel system, and cool new characters and moves make this Sonic's best old-school quest EVER!

Certainly not the best by CCowell125 on January 10, 2009
Rating: 8/10
The Genesis was home to what many consider as Sonic's finest games, but did Sonic's jump to the Genesis's "SEGA CD" retain the high standard of his games?

Well, yes, and no. The problem with Sonic CD is that it changes the formula of the Sonic games we all love; just a little too much.

Instead of running as fast as you can to the end of the level, you are encouraged to explore a bit more. So instead of racing though, it plays a little bit more like Super Mario Brothers 2 on the NES.

Don't get me wrong, Sonic CD is still a fun experience. But combined with bad enermy placement; Sonic fans shouldn't expect to speed run though this one; like they loved to in the Genesis titles.

Hard but Rewarding by deeligee on January 3, 2009
Basic game play is typically Sonic, what more can I say. He is given a new standing spin dash that looks good but is mostly for show and the original spin dash has been changed for the worse. The cool oval shape of it has been replaced by his 'rolled-up' animation and you can no longer charge it by tapping the button. Even worse you have to wait a second before you can release and zoom off. I would kill to get the true spin dash placed in this game; I would kill Yuji Naka himself (although he had little to do with this game as his name is not to be seen in the credits). Level structure is very similar to Sonic 1, just to let you know, and it works quite well. I have a few gripes though as I can never get enough speed in certain levels to time travel. This annoying aspect should have been fixed as well as other parts of the game that reek of being rushed to the market. Also, the bosses are way too easy, easier than they were in the Genesis games. Overall the game is quite nice to play through though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sonic with Great Soundtrack ^^ by calvinbeckham on December 28, 2008
Rating: 8/10
I've been a Sonic Fans for Gears ,

Game gears , Genesis , GBA , You name it ~

All the Sonic, are good with one thing , The BG Soundtrack ~ It make the game more Lively , Playable ,

And Sonic CD , Its the First Sonic game to have above 128Kpbs Bitrate Wave Format ~

The Graphics of this game, are its Best in its Generation ~

and The game play are just the Sonic Genre i've always like ~

Sonic Its Been entertaining my life for years ~ i like to play anyform of sonic, in any console ,

I got a Saturn and 3D blast ~ The Soundtrack are the best ~

and The CD are the second Best !

Fantastic, Superb! by Greentater on December 24, 2008
Rating: 10/10

I played a lot of Sonic games in the past. Upon stumbling across Sonic CD on the Sega 32x.

I got to say this is properly my second best Sonic game i have ever played. This game just reminds me so much of Sonic 2. Everything about it, stays true to the Sonic genre.

From the catchy tune, to the eye candy graphic for it's time, and the most important thing, which is the core gameplay mechanic that Sonic 2 had.

It's ashame that this game is not as well known as the other Sonic. Definitely recommended.

Unique Sonic Experience by Intrepid237 on December 2, 2008
Rating: 8/10
This is probably the most unique of the 2-D Sonic games released. Its look resembles that of the first Sonic. But the audio is amazing for the time. It used a CD format so it wasn't limited like the Genesis. The soundtrack has includes lyrics and has a techno 90s feel. You can also time travel, which basically changes the difficulty, look, feel, and soundtrack of the level. What stands out the most is the level design. The levels are way larger than all the other Sonic games, especially considering there are three different versions of each zone (past, present, and future). The only downfall is it is too easy. I beat it on my first go in an hour. But other than that, this game is solid.
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