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okay shooter - NEED OTHER FILES (HD dump) TO PLAY by robcypher on August 1, 2009
Rating: 7/10
This is a okay House of the Dead style shooter - just played it a few weeks ago in a pizza shop. You cannot play this game without the files that resided on its custom hard drive (like Area 51); those are probably available elsewhere if you look hard enough (they're pretty large files)
My goodness to fighting evil! by Mage_Starez on November 21, 2008
Rating: 10/10
This is more fun then the house of the dead and zombie revenage! Though, you can be hit more then once, you got to say it's a classic like the house of the dead. 3D rocks this game and kicks butt more than the house of the dead's soundtrack. Not being rude to the fans and stuff. I'll always love both games.
Oh My Friggin' God! by kreyz on October 10, 2008
Rating: 9/10
I love the circus. Something about circus' and carnivals bring back my inner child. My wife, on the other hand, can't stand the circus due to clowns. She has what's known as Coulrophobia. Which makes things interesting for our relationship.

One other things I enjoy is the horror aspect within music, movies, and video games. Nothing says loving like a dead body in the oven. My wife, on the other hand, cringes at the thought of watching a horror movie at night. Which makes things interesting for our relationship.

When you mix carnivals and circuses and horror together, one thing comes to mind (usually) for each thing.

Music: ICP

Movie: Stephen King's "It"

Games: Carnevil

First time I ever saw Carnevil, I was immediately curious. I plinked in a buck in quarters to see what it was like. I used to be an avid arcade rat, and would try just about anything once. I'd return to play the ones I liked. This one I liked. The graphics on the game were phenomenal. The sounds of the music was mesmorizing, the voice bits were creepy as all hell. The game play was awesome, being that it's a shooter game... and I'm not all that big into shooter games, thanks to Duck Hunt.

CarnEvil had me hooked. About 20 bucks later, I was inbetween wondering if i'd make it out alive and whether or not I had enough gas in my car to make it to work in the morning. Something about shooting jugglers made me feel quite giddy deep inside.

Eventually, I would come back (usually by the next payday) and drop another 20 bucks into CarnEvil. Never beat it, I will honestly say. But in my view, I don't care. It still had some great replay value.

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