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File Name:Street Fighter Alpha 2 (E) [!].zip (view contents)
System:SNES / Super Nintendo
Size:3.49 MB
Rating: 4.47/5 (1884 voters) 

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Good But not great by zanesin666 on July 28, 2009
Rating: 8/10
A good street fighter game, but not one of the best i have played. If you liked SF2 then you may like this, but i personally prefer the more classic touch. All the characters are here plus more, a nice addition to the SF family but not the best.
A great Street Fighter game by p999 on February 9, 2009
This is a great Street Fighter game for the Super Nintendo. If you are a fan of the classic arcade Street Fighter II which was very faithfully converted for the SNES then you will probably love this game. The game features many of the same characters and controls as Street Fighter II but it also features many new characters and new special moves. An example of this is the Chun Li fireball which makes Chun Li a more balanced character. The graphics and sound are great and all in all it is a great 2D fighting game for the SNES.
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