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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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This is a classic by PAPtheGreat on September 30, 2011
Rating: 8/10
This is a classic overhead shooter,along with 1944 a must for anyone enjoying playing an overhead shooter.You need a "fast" joystic to give all your pontetial,bcs this is not an easy game.You must have fine reflexes to get the powerups and to survive.If you dont have any good reflexes dont worry,playing this for a short time and you ll get them.Very good game.
This is a great classic game by p999 on February 1, 2009
This game runs great on MAME on pretty much any PC. If you like the other classic games in the series like 1944 and 19XX you will ike this the original game. The action is fast and it runs great with a joystick like a flightstick or other type of joystick. If you like overhead shooters and classic arcade games you will like this game.
boy how time flys by johnbabes on September 6, 2008
You know i have been at this site for as long as i can

remember now that i have a new pc :) got back to getting some old classics

this game run fine on my p3 with 512k of mem and a bog starnderd graphics card

this is the type of game you would put a few 50p in to play and being abel

to play it for as long as you want is nice graphics are very good sound could have been better contorls are easy for firing and using powerups

over all very good game and as a foot note this review

goes for most if the 1941 verison download and enjoy


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