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In the era of beat em up, this one was maybe the best! by nikman on September 30, 2012
Rating: 10/10
The only bad thing about this game is that I never managed to finish it with one coin. It was too hard for that. Even today when I have MAME, I can get to the last stage, but that is my maximum. Last stage is really hard. On some places you will have to fight with so many different enemies at once which is impossible (at least for me) to survive without losing a life.

Despite that, this game is still worth of playing. Graphic is really good, characters are big and very nicely animated. The way how they walk around, the fights, punches, kicks, all of that looks very good. Because of that fighting feels better than in most of other beat em up games. Music in game is nice too.

In few words, if you never played this game - try it!

I love this game by buda3d2003 on October 31, 2008
Rating: 10/10
This is a true classic, and a game that inspired so many characters in the successful Street Fighter sequels and spin off's, as some of the bosses and bad guys ended up a characters in SF.

In this game the sounds of punching enemies sounds like flogging a leather couch with a rubber mallet, but that's what makes it cool, all the characters are well designed and the pace of the game is great, I'd say this was the next step up from double dragon as far as the genre itself taking on new innovation game design for the side scrolling "beat em up" game play.

10/10 - All aspects and for Nostalgic Value for gamer's and game designers alike ;)

Final Fight by giggsy07 on August 3, 2008
This is an old school capcom beat em take the roll of guy,cody,two martial arts experts or mike haggar,a pro wrestler in his spare take on a street gang who has just kidnapped mayor haggars daughter..i loved this one in the arcades,great graphics,big sprites and gameplay t match.maybe a bit dated now but still is a great time waister with its constant action an array of special moves to keep you on your toes..try it guys if you haven yet yoiu'l enjoy this!!
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