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The definitive fighting game in the arcades by afterhourpower on May 11, 2009
Rating: 9/10
Killer Instinct 1 was already a massive hit in the arcades, due to the diversity of the characters and the excellent combat-system. In KI 2 we see all the good things from KI 1, but with improved graphics, more deadly moves and some new characters. Personally I found it pity they removed Cinder, because the new characters couldn\'t compare to him.

If you like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, you should really try this as well. The first time you will Ultra Combo your enemy from the bridge in Jago\'s stage and see him fall in the water is a great experience for everyone.

Grab it now!

SOME OLD CHARACTERS by nenadzn on December 26, 2008
Some old characters have return to fight again:

Fulgore: A new, enhanced cyborg created after the first Fulgore was destroyed by Jago in the first tournament. His current goal is the destruction of Jago.

Jago: Succeeded in destroying Fulgore in the first tournament after being possessed by the Tiger Spirit. He was soon betrayed by the Tiger Spirit which turned out to be the demon Gargos in disguise. Gargos used Jago to gain entrance to the physical world. Jago seeks revenge against Gargos's manipulation.

Spinal: Spinal was destroyed by Chief Thunder in the first tournament. Gargos however had one of his own in the past. Spinal now fights for vengeance and for his freedom.

T.J. Combo: After he defeated Riptor in the first tournament, T.J. Combo was sent into the past when attempting to destroy the Ultratech building. Now he simply fights to get home.

Glacius: The original Glacius defeated Cinder and returned home. A distant relative of Glacius 2,000 years in the past heeds a distress call and comes to Earth. His objective is to find his lost brethren and return home.

Sabrewulf: Captured by Ultratech in the first tournament after being severely injured and beaten. Has been driven mad by experimentation from Ultratech. With cybernetic arms and being 2,000 years in the past, Sabrewulf desperately seeks a cure for his lycanthropy.

B. Orchid: Orchid destroyed Eyedol in the first tournament which subsequently sent the Ultratech building two millennia into the past. Now Orchid seeks to destroy Gargos and to find a way home.

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