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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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Rating: 4.59/5 (1047 voters) 

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a true classic by any standard by buda3d2003 on January 8, 2009
Rating: 10/10
the original and second best in the series as this game was finely tuned in the MK2 sequel.

You know you have gone big when a movie is made about your game, however I always thought this game was a big rip off of John Carpenters - "Big Trouble In Little China" film as many of the character designs (mainly raiden and kitana's metal fans) look like they were ripped straight out of this movie.

I cannot give this game any less then 10/10 by any standard as it had a huge influence on video game history (not to mention censorship laws too ;)

A Classic by NicktheMick on October 26, 2008
Rating: 10/10
An instant classic from the moment it was released, Mortal Kombat changed the

rules and opened the door for game developers to release games geared more towards the older generation of gamers who were perhaps interested in games with more mature subject matter.

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