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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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Rating: 4.39/5 (99 voters) 

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Great game..but bad ROM by ShadowTheHedgehog157 on November 24, 2008
Rating: 5/10
Well, I started to download this game, and I have several things to point out on this ROM...

1: Cannot control the crosshairs, so you can't aim once so ever.

2: ROM not 100% accurate

3: without control of the crosshair or aim (as the 1st one pointed out), you'll get killed so easily, it's basically unplayable.

But its' overall quality is excellent and robust, you have to find the actual cabinet to play the game correctly. Don't expect great things with this rom, but if you know how to get the crosshairs to work..then that's fine by me.

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