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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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The Beginning of an Era by Akuma_ken on April 7, 2009
I was never a big fan of NeoGeo games at least not any of recent history... but I remember seeing this game for the first time in an arcade and poping in a quarter...and from there I became infatuated with this game. The music, the manga-esque atmosphere...hell the story idea wasn't bad either after I saw the anime...

The Street Fighter II speed of game play that everyone was trying to mimic or even down right copy, never really manifest itself in a better way than in this game, though don't get me wrong this one stood alone compared to Sf in the fact that it had weapons(as a matter of fact all should bow before this game and Battle Arena Toshindin for even giving us a weapon based genre).

Give her a spin and you'll see that if it weren't for this one there would have been no Soul Calibur. Great graphics and sound, very colorful characters set in the time before the fall of feudalism...and the use of sword. Takeup thy blade and may many fall before it.

the Original by buda3d2003 on January 8, 2009
Rating: 10/10
This is what I remember the Neo Geo for at the arcades growing up, I placed quite a few coins into this machine (often playing as the ninja) I loved the sound in this game, sounded very Japanese opera meets Violent Manga, very true to its samurai origins in aesthetic.

I just wish the Arcade scene was still big in Japan and they get rid of those darn Pachinco machines, they are everywhere!!!

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