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A Game With Style by Mr.GamerMan on June 4, 2011
Rating: 10/10
The Simpsons Arcade Game is in my book one of the most popular games of the late 1980's. I used to play the arcade version in a restruant until they sold it. So I came here and played it at my own pleasure.

Graphics are what give the game it's pizzaz. (The regular enemies of the game remind me of Connan O' Brian!) The voicing of characters could use some fixing, as Mr. Smithers and Mr. Burns do not sound like themselves.

The plot of the game is as exciting as is sweet: Smithers is robbing a bank and bumps into Homer SImspon, who was walking by that same moment. Smithers dropps the diamond and Maggie catches it and susks on it (thinking it's a pacifier). Rather than just take the diamond, Smithers kidnapps Maggie and the diamond, forcing the family to go after him to rescue their youngest family member.

The enemies of the game are also unigue and hard to beat. The following list contains the easiest (1) boss to the hardest(10):




4)Japanese Man

5)1st level boss

6)Krusty Balloon

7)Alien Machine

9)Drunken Man

10)Mr. Burns

Another fantastic feature of the game is the unique fighting moves for each character: Homer Punches and Kicks, Marge uses her Vacuum-Cleaner, Lisa uses a jump rope (using it like a whip), and Bart uses his skateboard. This game marks the first time beat-em-ups features characters with seperate moves.

Last, but not least, in this reveiw, the levels. All levels in the game deserve praise and are excellent stages. The lst level takes place in Downtown Springfield, the second in Krusty Land, the third in the Springfield Discount Cemetery, the fourth in Moe's Tavern (where you can see the game itself featured somewhere in the level), the fifth in the Springfield Bute, the sixth (and the weirdest level in the game) in a dreamworld, the seventh in Channel Six News station, and the last is Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. All in all one word about the entire game: awesome!!!

Enemies: 9.8/10

Voice Characterization: 9/10

Levels: 9.4/10

Fighting moves: 9.8/10

Plot: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Final Rating: (Drum-roll, please!) 9.8 / 10

The Best Simpsons Game Around by Orakagi on July 25, 2009
Rating: 9/10
The perfect 4-player game. 2-player combo moves, fun gameplay, challenging. It's great with a friend or two. It does get a bit worn out towards the end but, it really comes down to one thing. This game is fun.
A 15 minute game. by Arjade on January 27, 2009
Rating: 7/10
In think this is the most appealing simpson game I know of.

The sounds and voices work well. The gameplay is a standard side scroller beat em upper (which is nothing new, but works just fine). The graphics are nice and fluent enough and there is a nice atmosphere going around (One of my fondest memories at the arcade hall is throwing a coin in the Simpons arcade (btw, this game has in my opinion the best coin-up sound in all of arcade land ^_^ ).

All the little aspects of being a Simpson, and smacking people around as a Simpson seem to work well and smooth.

BUT, as you move on to the next levels the game becomes dull and repetitive (and I see this a lot with arcade games. I think it is because people (the casual player) only spent 2 or 3 coins at one game and then move on to the next game. So why spent time ( = money) and effort for the last levels if the majority of people probably never going to play it.

All and all, this game was and still is one of my favorite arcade games.

Simply put, it is fun to play.

Arcade classic by vashdlad on December 7, 2008
Rating: 8/10
One of the few games based on an American show to succeed. The Simpsons game allows up to 4 players, with 2 player combos, which are rather game-breaking, are quite entertaining to execute.

At the end of each lvl is a mini-game which allows one to gain more points, or to get extra lives: the mini games are rather simple in just being button mashers, but are a welcome change of pace.

the game is also voiced by all of the American actors.

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