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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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Cute is good !!! by johnbabes on December 28, 2008
Rating: 8/10
Strange when other games try and copy other games,bubble bobble is still a good little bubble burster.snow bro's is more or less the same game play but with a few added twists,i like the fact you can incase the baddies in snow and then use them to wipe out the others thats a nice touch,in BB you would incase the baddies in bubbles :-) ect.this one just beats BB on the grounds that the graphics are better and the game play makes for a fun game well worth a few plays 8/10
by drakendoder on December 26, 2008
What is this stupid mess? All the babies, what's up with that?? I'm a man for chrissake, at least put something nude on the background. Let's just give it one go before i delete it. O look at the time, half an hour passed. 1 hour..damn i need to, just lemme have this five more minutes to finish up this level. "Yeah i'm sorry, i have to call in sick today, i feel lousy *cough cough*" Stupid damn babies, taking up all of my time #&@#@&$#@^$#@&
great game that spawned so many clones by buda3d2003 on November 25, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Like bubble bobble in style of play but cool that the enclosed snowballed enemies can be used as weapons the bonuses are great and the pace of play is great too, this is a classic, go play it!
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