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Think Galaga In 360 degrees by jaezone on September 2, 2008
If you are a fan of any of the old school bottom to top shooters like galaga, galaxian, demons to diamons, space invaders, etc..., then this classic NES game is a must have for your collection. Ypu are the pilot of a spacerocket that pivots in a full circle around the screen. The enemy approaches from the middle of your shooting range and advances forward. The graphics definitely utilize the ols systems potential with beautifully drawn and colored objects throughout. The aliens and other intergalactic space fodder that mob you are reminiscent of the style of another of my favorite NES games Sector Z. There are power-ups -a plenty although getting them can be tricky in the heat of battle when myriads of extra terrestrial genetic defects are aiming for your destruction. Gameplay takes alittle getting used to but the first few levels alow you to adapt quite well. All in all this is (in my opinion) one of the best shooters on the NES and i would like to see some developers for now and next gen consoles to pick up a remake of this gem. There is no other shooter like it that i have come across. Try it out and you will find the addictive and challenging yet simple gameplay competitve with even the newest shooters.


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