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File Name:Shining Force (US).zip (view contents)
System:Sega Master System
Size:1.15 MB
Rating: 4.82/5 (72 voters) 

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Old time favorite game. by djkudick on May 26, 2012
Rating: 10/10
I fell in love with this as a kid when I rented it from a local game shop back in the day. I often still find myself going back to play through the game often enough with a different party set up. This is by my favorite tactical RPG along with Vandal Hearts and the Fire Emblem series. For those who have played through this game, the GBA remake of it did add a few new characters and add in some missing story which is nice also so make sure to look that way.
The Start Of A Way Of Life by mjl42069 on July 31, 2009
Rating: 10/10
ONe of the best games ever created other than the Dragon Warrior games on NES that released in japan in 1986 and in the U.S. in 1987 Shining force games created an awesome battle scene with your Story line RPG Tradtion We all have grown to love
The Best Strategy RPG. by iswear on July 15, 2009
Rating: 10/10
I remember playing this game as a kid and having so much fun with it that i couldn't stop plying. I played for months but i never got to the end. I picked it up again when i was like 13 and realized why this game was so addicting. Every thing about this it is epic; from the classic genesis music to the one of a kind game play, this game has it all.
Best Simple Tactics RPG EVER!!! by nestanford on June 2, 2009
Rating: 10/10
From the moment you begin this game you are captivated by the story. This RPG is for individuals who want to be tactical more than they want to be quick in thier response to the game. (Fire Emblem / Final Fantacy Tactics vs Crono Trigger / Secret of Mana). Yet is is far simpler than the others of its kind, so you are able to focus solely on enjoying the storyline and strategizing durring battle!
The first TBS Game I\'ve played by lucied959 on May 13, 2009
Rating: 8/10
This game when I first played it was simply amazing. It had a good cast of characters you could unlock and various ways and techniques you could use to beat each battle. The storyline is fairly good, but lacks a little detail here and there that explains everything. Overall I love the game and continue to play it, it\'s a must have for an Genesis player.
Still one of the best RPG\'s out there by johnnysprobe on May 13, 2009
Rating: 10/10
Pound for pound this IS STILL one of the most enjoyable RPG\'s for me still out there. If you\'ve never gotten a chance to play this one, but like games like Vandal Hearts or FF Tactics this is one you need to play. The only thing that I kinda had issues with was the ability to level up some of the characters like healers that still lagged far behind everyone else by the end of the game. But like I said its definately a BUY in my book.
Classic JRPG! by alexb9 on November 30, 2008
Rating: 10/10
One of the overlooked classic series, Shining Force (not the latest series of actionRPGs) belongs up there with Final Fantasy, Suikoden and Dragon Quest. Although this is a tactical RPG (should be a big hit with Final Fantasy Tactics and the Ogre Battle series) it is one of the first and most fun! The graphics are simple and gorgeous anime style. Must for any hardcore RPG fan.
by Nickapopageorgeio on November 22, 2008
Rating: 9/10
Shining Force was and still is a classic game from 1993. The turn based game play in this RPG is very fun and the different characters are very well thought and presented. The graphics were much past its time in style and in simply looking great. While the AI of the game becomes stale after multiple plays, it is a great game for anyone to play.
First Strategy RPG game for the Master System by justinos18 on August 13, 2008
This Role Playing Game (RPG for short) has been around a long time 2nd after Final Fantasy. It has all the fundamentals of a basic RPG but with a twist of "chess board tactics" play style just like Final Fantasy Tactics, and Disgaea (for the PS2) have. A good story-line that continues on into "Shining Force CD" for the Sega CD system or you could say Shining Force 1 in-a-half (1/2) just like Sonic CD is. More titles of Shining Force were released as years went by: Shining Force 2 (Genesis), Shining Force 3 part 1,2,and 3 (Sega Saturn), Shining Force Neo (PS2), and more. If you like this game and want more believe me their is a lot of Shining Force games out there for Console and Handhelds.
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