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System:Sega Master System
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My personal Favorite by Knightblade on December 19, 2008
This game pretty much started it all with me on Rpgs. There won't be any like it as far as originality and concept. It's too bad that developers of this game are not around nowadays to make an incredible game like this for our next gen consoles
My first RPG... by shanemiller1778 on November 6, 2008
Rating: 9/10
This was the first major RPG that I ever played and got into. It still holds a special place in my heart mainly because it took me 3 years to figure out how to get to the end. Admitingly I was still fairly young when I finished it, 13, but I did it on my own with no help and I still say it was very challenging to find the end. I dare anyone to try it without any help and say different.
This is one of the HARDEST RPGs I've ever played! by genocidekarma on October 10, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Yes, I'm serious. No other RPG has frustrated me nearly as often as this one.

That aside, this game is surprisingly well put-together, for an 8-bit game. The first-person dungeons are well animated, in my opinion, better animated than some of the late SNES first-person ungeon crawlers (hello, MegaTen, even though I love you to death, your dungeons were very static).

The story is well-written, which is kind of sad, in a way. Sega did such an awesome job with this Phantasy Star's story. It makes you wonder where these writers went when it came time for the sequels. PS II & III's stories weren't ba, but neither of them got me as interested as the first game's did. Only when IV came out did I get interested in the game's characters again. Too bad they can't create a better narrative for the PSO games.

If you love old-school RPG goodness, play this game. If you want a lesser challenge, go play Final Fantasy. Before all you fanboys attack me, I'm a big fan of the Fantasy games...they're just too easy. Money & EXP in a FF game comes way too easily. In PS, you have to WORK for your EXP and Meseta. I love that, which is why I'm a fan of the "traditional" RPGs like Dragon Quest & Phantasy Star.

In the Beginning by Mason Storm on August 18, 2008
Before there was Final Fantasy II, before Chronotrigger, before many of the good RPG's that we know of today, there was the original Phantasy Star. Many of the same mechanics that make this game so popular is still being use by games today. Personally, when all of the Nintendo fanboys were living it up with Zelda, I was stuck trying to find a way to get into the spaceport, in Phantasy Star. This is the game that has launched me into the RPG world, with the many weapons, armor and spells at my disposal, and I would recommend anyone who is a RPG fanboy to try this game out. Honestly, before Sephiroth became the greatest vilain of all time, Lassic claimed that prize. I don't know how long I sat there, in His throne room, looking baffled as his thunderbolts killed my entire team with one shot. In fact, I am playing it again right now, even though I have beaten this game about 100 times. IF only Sega would go back to it's roots and figure out how to create a good storyline for the Online series like they did with the original Phantasy Star series, and especially the first one, which I still say is one of the best RPG's of all time.
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