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System:Sega Genesis
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Rating: 4.62/5 (1026 voters) 

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All Time Favorite by llhht on July 11, 2009
Rating: 10/10
My dad and I still play this game from time to time. One of the all time best brawlers. Decent selection of weapons, moderate selection of completely useful moves....a good way to spend the afternoon.

I'll give a little lowdown of the characters and moves...

For any character, move left or right twice and punch to do a "power attack".

Pressing the special button (A) does a crowd clearing attack, also useful if you're getting combo-ed.

Add a direction to the (A) and you get a high damaging one directional special attack.

Both uses of the special attack (A) take a small portion of your life bar.

Max- My personal favorite character, all I can say is grapple, grapple, grapple. Very slow punching speed.

"Power Attack"- Slide across the ground, mainly useful to get in close. Not high on damage.

Special Attack- Tornado in place with his arms.

Directed Special- Shoulder tackle that ends with a roll.

Axle- He'd be my second favorite. Pretty good punch speed, deadly power attack, moderate grappling, mediocre special attacks.

"Power Attack"- By far the best power attack in the game, starts fast, LOTS of should have replaced his directed special. Looks like a dragon punch without him going airborne.

Special Attack- A quick spin with a burning fist.

Directed Special- A long series of punches. It sounds and looks cool in motion, but is terrible in application. The only foes you would use this on (it kills most regular ones in the first two or three hits) are bosses, and they either get pushed back from the standstill axle or interrupt with their own punches. Only use if the boss is cornered and doesn't have a quick attack.

Blaze- Middle of the road all around.

"Power Attack"- A jumping somersault that ends with a blue flaming kick.

Special Attack- A kicking backflip.

Directed Special- Blaze sets up and throws a short range fireball. High damage if you can catch someone close.

Skate- Very fast character, press left or right twice to have him skate across the screen instead of walk.

"Power Attack" - Skate cannonballs across the screen. Can be done anytime during his skating.

Special Attack- Skate Spins on his head, hitting everyone around him with his skates.

Directed Special- Some sort of jumping drill twist. Moderate damage for the most part, but occasionally you'll get a very high amount of hits and damage from it.

Possibly the best game in the world... by Marvelous on May 17, 2009
Rating: 10/10
I lost many, many hours of my childhood with Streets of Rage 2 and i dont regret any of them. Side-scrolling beat-em-ups were one of my favorite genres of the 2D era, and the Streets of Rage series was the greatest og the all. Streets of Rage 2 improved on the original in every possible way. Better music and larger and more detailed sprites were the most obvious changes. The levels were larger and the move sets for each of the characters (of which their were now 4 instead of 3) had been greatlyimproved. The "cop-callin") specail move which could be used once per level was replaced with a flashy special attack for each character.

Me and my brother would spend more time on this game than any other, using every character move and difficulty level. I'd highly recommend this game to anyone who has never sampled a game of this genre before.

Good Ole Days by smooth101 on December 18, 2008
This game was one of my favorite Sega Genesis games(believe me I had a ton of Sega Genesis games). It starts out as a regular street brawling, side-scrolling adventure but the intensity increases as you fight the first boss and after. My favorite character was Axle because to me honestly represented the only true street fighter. He walks around with his boxing gloves giving the baddies the two piece in their faces. Not to mention that he had a killer uppercut and both his specials were amazing. Though Axle was my favorite hands down, Max was the man. He could literally take down every on the screen alone, even his partner(growing I had siblings and we loved to play multiplayer). It's games like this that makes me miss the good old simple days...three button controllers.
Wonderful Game! by Ryo7 on September 14, 2008
Rating: 10/10
I have to say in my honest opinion that Max is the best platform fighter character EVER! There are ways around his crippling stats...Jumping fixes his speed deficiency and moves him as fast as blaze or skate walking. Even sliding. And Max sliding is unstoppable!

You can measure his jump with anyone and the only one who really jumps higher than him is Skate and Skate is the best jumper in the game while Max is rated the worse. And anyone know what technique is for?

The Good days by erics07 on August 10, 2008
Streets Of Rage 2 was a favorite of many gamers who wanted to beat the snot out multiple baddies with a friend or sibling along side them while the game didn't offer a more involving story it did do one thing offered high replay value. This came came out when I was 0ne years old but it's 208 and I still play it whether I'm on the go or just looking to blow a quick hour if you never played this game or only played once go back and relive the old days by getting right here right now with 4 playable characters and one to unlock by use of cheat code it's the perfect way to spend a weekend with your best bud or yourself.
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