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File Name:Shadow Run (U) (!).zip (view contents)
System:Sega Genesis
Size:1,007.56 KB
Rating: 4.72/5 (508 voters) 

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One of the best games of its time by milkmonk22 on May 20, 2009
Rating: 10/10
When I first found this Sega genesis cartridge I didn't think much about it. I had the old first edition Shadowrun PnP book so I decided to buy it. Turns out I spent 3 straight days playing after that. There are mainly 3 different ways you can play, The matrix hacker (Decker), The Rambo (street samurai), and the spell caster (gator shaman). There are Johnson's through out the city labeled in tiers (from difficult+more pay to less difficult+less pay). There's something for everyone in this game, there's magic, firearms, Wolverine claws (spurs), and even hackers(the matrix in Shadowrun is not the matrix from the movies). You can walk into large prisons, toss a grenade onto the guard post and fight off large amounts of thugs, or you could hack into the corps mainframe turn off all security protocols get a fake ID badge from max and walk in and walk out no sweat. There is pretty much only one problem I've found that is your henchmen like to get caught up on walls especially in large corporations. Overall I came very attached to the game (especially when your in game automatically set name is Joshua and mine just happens to be Josh) and anyone who's into the techno Sci-Fi stuff would defiantly have a good time on this game. The only thing that depressed me is when they remade it for the Xbox 360 and took away all the fun missions and quests so its just a 3d shoot em up game.
In the Top 5 of my favorite games by milkmonk22 on May 16, 2009
Rating: 10/10
I remember playing this game all the time on my sega genesis. Now my cartridge is dead and cant save. Finding this with a sega emulator was one of the best moments of my life. This game may seem like its poor because it was released out in 94, but its far from it. Almost limitless amounts of missions from escorts to killing ghouls. Hacking into the matrix was always so much fun, you were actually able to hack into large corporate systems shutdown the camera's and alarms plus open doors just by hacking into the security nodes. Then just walk through the front door of the corp and loot everything in sight. Random encounters can jump you anywhere and any moment. Many different weapons and spells can be obtained throughout the world. Many different contacts can be found they can be used to get discounted items, info, breaking into Hollywood correctional facility and even a secret storyline that can be found by hacking into 5 main corps (lone star, Mitsuhama, Fuchi, Ares, and Renraku) and discovering the pass to access the Shiawise nuclear plant system and stop a nuclear meltdown. There is so much more that just the storyline to this game. Very small but annoying problems like henchmen getting caught up on walls especially in big corps.
Under-rated futuristic/fantasy game, one of the top games of all time by Valour on October 27, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Just another Sega RPG, right? Wrong! Shadowrun was well ahead of its time, to the extent that both in terms of game play, plot, and features it is competition for any game available today.

Neither fantasy or science fiction entirely, it is set in a futuristic Earth where 'metahumans' suddenly came into being with the return of magic, as ordinary humans were born or metamorphosed into races like Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Trolls. A massive, world-wide internet virus resulted in the deterioration of society and erosion of nations, which has led to a very different power structure - corporations.

You control a young man whose brother was savagely assassinated in the barren wilderness known as Salish-Shidhe. You have spent your last Nuyen to reach Seattle, so that you can find your brother's killer. You have the choice of being a Human Samurai, Gator Shaman (magic user), or a Decker (specializing in operation of the 'Matrix').

Your income will come from being a 'Shadowrunner', an independent mercenary working for those known anonymously as 'Mr. Johnson's', and performing jobs such as hacking into corporate Matrix systems to upload or download files, breaking into corporation buildings in search of items or employees seeking career changes, escorting businessmen or packages from destination to destination across the dangerous landscape (even across the street may prove no picnic), or fighting world-wide street gangs like the Mafia and Yakuza in an effort to stop their reign of terror.

While most of the game's action occurs in 3rd-person, bird's eye view from overhead while you roam the streets of a futuristic society, you will also be up close and personal in a 2nd-person view while in the matrix, fighting virtual system protections and programs.

And on top of all this, you can call taxis from one area to another, call contacts via 'VidPhone', buy weapons/armor/magic accessories/cyberdeck items (stuff for the Matrix)/healing materials (and much more), join a gang, customize your character through a unique 'Karma' system while at hotels, give yourself a technological advantage by installing cyberware, and fight creatures like the ghouls, hellhounds, and vampires which inhabit abandoned buildings, the wilderness, and sometimes even brazenly walk the streets or are employed in corporations, ready to attack!

For sheer game play content and value, this is one of the few games comparable to the Final Fantasy series, and is heavily under-rated.

Ah, the memories by funkytheyayoo25 on October 2, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Shadowrun for sega is based on the tabletop RPG Shadowrun, by FASA. It is set in our future world, where magic and metahumans have returned, personal cybernetic enhancements are the norm, and the megacorporations rule the world. A shadowrunner is a person runs illegal jobs for a living (usually in the shadows, thus the name). You play as a Joshua, and your mission is to find those responsible for your brother's death and exact revenge.

You start having just arrived in Seattle, 2052, and having just spent all your money to get there. The innkeeper at the place where your bro was staying recommends you do some shadowruns to get the $$ together to get back your brother's stuff.

The gameplay in Shadowrun is non linear. You must unravel the mystery of your brother's death, and to do so you'll need better gear, lots of contacts and loads of cred. This game IS an rpg, so every run you complete gives you exp in the form of Karma, which you use to boost your skills as you see fit.

Money is the name of the game. Usually, you walk around inrealtime, overhead perspective and conduct your business, but there is also an internet in the game (the Matrix, which the movie stole from FASA) where you can break into corporation's databanks and steal info for personal use and for selling.

So, Shadowrun is a phenomenal game. It's easy to get lost in the atmosphere of corporate ruthlessness and mystery as you collect the clues and contacts necessary to accomplish your goal.

Just like I remembered! by Mason Storm on August 19, 2008
Shadowrun for the Genesis is a gritty game with a no-nonsense feel to it. The plot was suppose to be simple... get some creds, kill the bastards who axed your bro, and be done, right? WRONG! The twists and turns that this game throws at you is one of the reasons why when you play this game, you will have to pry yourself off. For me, that task was difficult the first time. I simply love this game, and hope that Microsoft will get the next one right, because the crap-fest they call Shadowrun for the PC/360 is nothing in camparison to the Genesis version, which this version plays exactly like the original... maybe I'm green.
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