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File Name:D&D - Warriors of the Eternal Sun (U) [!].zip (view contents)
System:Sega Genesis
Size:511.62 KB
Rating: 4.55/5 (383 voters) 

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Real-Time Combat Classic RPG by Valour on March 23, 2012
Rating: 9/10
Definitely an immersive game, D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun lets you choose from a variety of character races and classes, even rolling for their stats, and naming them. The game combines a 3rd-person overhead view when walking outside with a 1st-person view when cave exploring. The game is similar to Shadowrun in that despite its RPG status, it occurs in real time, with the possibility of an enemy attack any time you're outside the town walls, and similar to Shining in the Darkness in that you'll spend most of your time exploring the surrounding area, essentially dungeon-crawling.

The game is surprisingly challenging, with the risk of your characters dying at any time from the powerful foes which lurk around every corner. Leveling your characters to reach the point where you can ever feel truly 'safe' is not as easy as in other RPGs. And, for being a seemingly "sword and sorcery" tale, the realism of a medieval, mysterious setting is actually very well done with entertaining plot twists and a massive landscape for exploration.

The setting is somewhat dark and depressing, and few games truly portray the realism of warfare and the troubles of average people in a war-torn land better than this game. If you're looking for lighter fare you may want to look elsewhere, but the game is still well worth experiencing at least once for any fan of classic RPGs.

Sweet Game by txmattboi on August 1, 2009
Rating: 10/10
Dungeons and Dragons is one of the best games for the Genesis. You can do all the things typical to a role playing game. Such as getting new weapons, armor, items, money to buy things, etc.
Best RPG on Genesis by far by bigcreech on January 6, 2009
This game is by far the most fun, adventurious and groundbreaking game genesis ever produced. The graphics are not wonderful, but the play makes up for it entirely. Journey around to different areas at you leisure, hang out and gain exp and money, character generation, old school fun at it's best.
Worth a few hours by gustavevil on September 7, 2008
I have always liked RPG's. I played D&D, Hero Quest etc from a young age and so i was delighted to find that D&D had made it to my beloved sega. It was only some ten years later that my levity was vindicated however. This game can be difficult from the offset, and it seems like it takes a long time to see any progress with the story or your characters. Too much for pre-teen me. However,returning with more years, patience and wisdom, i found that this game pays back your efforts exponentially. It has a great soundtrack, ranging from epic sounding "hero's on a quest" type tunes to ominous tones that let you know you're in a dangerous area. Every new piece of equipment, every level up and every battle won feels like a real achievement and the slowly changing style of enemies and environments gives it a real sense of being a journey. It's let down mainly by a lack of real character development control (multi-classing and non combat abilities being the most obvious omissions from pen, paper and dice D&D) but still ultimately quite rewarding, if you put in the time.
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