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File Name:Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (U) [!].zip (view contents)
System:Sega Genesis
Size:745.38 KB
Rating: 4.42/5 (725 voters) 

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difficult to master, easy to play by TIGO25 on May 1, 2009
Rating: 8/10
I remember this game specially because it was said at the time that the race car driver from the title, a brazilian man that was more famous than schumacher and soon became his greatest nemesis back then, would supervise himself how close to the real thing the gaming experience of driving a formula one car would be in the game. I saw an interview at the time in which he said it was pretty close. Well, the driver died in 94 after crashing his formula one car into a wall, so I don´t know if what he said was accurate, but as far as games from the 90's go, I believe he was right. We also have to mention the fact that not many games (I can't recall a single one right now) try to depict the formula one universe; players are more interested in roaming freely in a virtual city or buying parts for their virtual cars, so if you want the real deal, as far as formula one goes, you should try this game.
321 go by johnbabes on March 25, 2009
Rating: 7/10
Strange to think i used to like this game i dare say for the time the graphics are ok they do look dated now days but for the 90's this was good music is soso while the sound fx could have been better,game play is simple do a few laps come in first and so on not a lot of courses does let it down would have been nice to have a full season :) still a good ARCADE game coz thats what this is not a SIM. 7/10
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