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File Name:Awesome Possum (UJE) [!].zip (view contents)
System:Sega Genesis
Size:1.22 MB
Rating: 3.8/5 (65 voters) 

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Unfortunately... by foxmulder1993 on September 29, 2008
Rating: 3/10
Unfortunately this Possum is not all that Awesome. The game is entertaining enough, if you don'y mind nonsensical sidescrolling platformers. Heck, they barely make them anymore, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but this game is a pretty lame attempt at creating a new icon for the Genesis to replace the amazing Sonic. It fails. Pretty bad too. I found myself really not caring whether or not I died in the game, and really had no problem just shutting it off. And I'm referring to when I originally playes back in the 90's.
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