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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I unsubscribe?
A. Go to the members page and click the unsubscribe button and follow the directions.

Q. Why don't you have any of the following games:

  • 007
  • Aliens vs. Predator
  • Barbarian
  • Chessmaster
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Dig Dug
  • Donkey Kong
  • Doom
  • Frogger
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Kirby
  • Lego Island
  • Lego Racers
  • Mario
  • Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Monsters, Inc. (Game)
  • Pac Man
  • Pokemon (game)
  • Rayman
  • Spider-Man (Game)
  • Top Gun (Game)
  • Wolfenstein
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Zelda

A. They are protected by the IDSA. It is illegal for anyone to distribute these games.

Q. Help! Your ROMs and Emulators won't download for me! What do I do?
A. Make sure you have done all of the following:

  • Disable all download managers
  • Use Internet Explorer 6, found at
  • Do NOT use Mozilla. It has a bug which they refuse to fix. Not our problem.
  • If somebody gave you a direct link to the file, it could be outdated. Try finding the file yourself.
  • Email me with the name of the game, name of the system, your current browser, and your operating system. Also explain everything you did. You may email me by using the contact page.

Q. The download never starts when I click "Download Now".
A. Sometimes the server is very busy and you will have to wait up to a minute for it to load. We are constantly tweaking our download system to provide you with the fastest downloads, so if it does not work check back on it later.

Q. I keep being asked to vote every time I download a game. What's going on?
A. Although you do not have to vote, we encourage you to do so once per day. The voting screen will always appear whether you voted or not. We ask you to vote because it helps pay for the huge server bills.

Q. I am having trouble playing this MAME ROM, what's wrong?
A. There are a number of problems you may be experiencing here. You may need to download a file called Neo-Geo. Also, try saving the file to your desktop. If you are still having problems, try to get help from the forums.

Q. I have another question about MAME.
A. See the MAME FAQ.

Q. Can I purchase a set of ROMs from you?
A. Nope, sorry. It's illegal to make a profit off of someone else's work. Don't even email me about this one.

Q. What is "Good Tools"?
A. "Good Tools" is a program that will rename all of your roms to the official name to help avoid confusion. It also finds how many roms you have and how many there are for a particular system. There is a different one created for each system.

Q. When I am playing one of the games I downloaded from your site, it gives me some errors or something does not work correctly.
A. I suggest you try to play the game with a different emulator. Also check that the size of the game is equal to that of what we say it is. If it is not, re-download the file. If it still does not work, I do not know what to do. Try searching google or posting your question on the forums.

Q. What are all those letters at the end of game titles?
A. They are symbols that help us to identify games. Here is a list of what they all mean:
Standard Codes:
[a] - Alternate
[b] - Bad Dump
[BF] - Bung Fix
[c] - Cracked
[f] - Other Fix
[h] - Hack
[o] - Overdump
[p] - Pirate
[t] - Trained
[T] - Translation
(Unl) - Unlicensed
[x] - Bad Checksum
ZZZ_ - Unclassified
[!] - Verified Good Dump
(???k) - ROM Size
Special Codes:
[C] - Color GameBoy
[S] - Super GameBoy
(M#) - Multilanguage (# of Languages)
[M] - Mono Only (NeoGeo Pocket)
(PC10) - PlayChoice 10 (NES)
(1) - Japan (Genesis)
(4) - USA (Genesis)
(5) - NTSC Only (Genesis)
(8) - PAL Only (Genesis)
(ST) - Sufami Turbo (SNES)
(NP) - Nintendo Power (SNES)
(Adam) - ADAM Version (Coleco)
(PAL) - PAL Video
Country Codes:
(A) - Australian
(C) - Chinese
(E) - Europe
(F) - French
(FN) - Finland
(G) - German
(GR) - Greece
(HK) - Hong Kong
(I) - Italian
(J) - Japan
(K) - Korean
(NL) - Dutch
(PD) - Public Domain
(S) - Spanish
(SW) - Sweden
(U) - USA
(UK) - England
(Unk) - Unknown Country
(-) - Unknown Country

Q. How do you pronounce "FAQ"?
A. Fakk.

Q. Do those sites with systems such as Playstation 2 that ask you to vote tons of times actually have any downloadable roms?
A. Nope, sorry. It simply costs too much too give someone a game that would cost us over $1 to transfer for free. Don't be completely disappointed though, all 31 other systems work fine and you don't have to pay a cent to download any of our collection of over 32,000 roms and emulators. We use this voting system to help pay for the heavy traffic we receive.

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