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1)Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super HeroesMAME
2)Chrono TriggerSnes
3)SNK Vs Capcom - Match Of The MillenniumNeoGeo
4)Metal Slug - 1st MissionNeoGeo
5)Metal Slug 3MAME
6)Killer Instinct 2MAME
7)King of Fighters R-2NeoGeo
8)Killer InstinctMAME
9)Streets of Rage 3Genesis
10)Metal Slug - Super VehicleMAME
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 Rom World News
Introducing FastRoms - June 5, 2011

Hey Everyone! If you haven't already checked out our newest site make sure you do so! We have put all our knowledge and experience over the years about roms onto that site. It has video previews for almost all the MAME roms, high quality front and back covers of most of the roms, and information on what all the symbols like (U) (!) mean directly written on the site to help you find what you are looking for. It also has the companies who developed or produced the games including all the other games those companies made, as well as the genres of most of the games and an advanced system that shows what games are similar to each of the roms. Just check it out and remember to bookmark it. We promise you won't be disappointed. Cheers!

Nintendo 64 ROMs added - November 18, 2010

The long awaited Nintendo 64 game section has finally been added! There are 2,618 N64 games in total! That's enough N64 ROMs to last you a lifetime.

Sega CD and NeoGeo CD Sections Re-Opened - August 3, 2009

These sections are now opened under the condition that you must submit 1 quality review for any game on this site for every game you download. After you submit a review, we will approve it and give you credit then you will be able to download the game. Please note that all other games on this site will remain free to download and you will not have to submit a review to download them. If you are not already a member, you must sign up to start submitting reviews.

MAME 1.22 added - March 2, 2008

MAME was updated to version 1.22. Stay tuned for more updates this week.

SNES 2.04 added - June 20, 2006

Super Nintendo was updated to the latest version 2.04.

MAME 0.106 added - June 11, 2006

MAME was updated to the latest version, 0.106. Be sure to update your MAME emulator for full functionality.

MAME .95 added - April 26, 2005

MAME was updated to the latest version, .95.

NeoGeo CD section added - April 24, 2005

90 NeoGeo CD games have been added for the members. Also, added over 800 PC game demos to our sister site

Server running smooth - April 2, 2005

The server is running much smoother now. Some major changes have been made to the rom file server and you can expect little to no downtime now. A news archive section has also been added.

Member Section - March 31, 2005

The long awaited member section is finally here! For only $6.99/month you can now download all those Sega CD ROMs you have been aimlessly searching for and start surfing Rom World ad free. Check out the member section.

Popular Games Now Marked - February 13, 2005

The most popular games are all now marked with little "popular" labels to make it easier to find the games you're looking for. In other news, MAME is being updated to .91 and the new PC game section has been inaugurated on our sister site

Added 222 Sega CD Games - November 7, 2004

Added 222 Sega CD full ISO games. I also added the screenshots for them.

Old news archive

 Rom World supports the gaming industry
In an effort to help support the gaming industry, including all the hard working individuals who slave day and night to provide you with some decent entertainment, ROM World will never make protected games available for download. We feel that by doing this, the quality of games, whether it be arcade, casino, or other form, will be improved because more money will be put into the creation of new games. While other rom sites may not do the same, we suggest you stay away from them to help keep the gaming industry prosperous. If you enjoy a game, buy it, we do! Below is the list of roms protected on Rom World:

Aliens vs. Predator
Dance Dance Revolution
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong
Grand Theft Auto
Lego Island
Lego Racers
Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX
Metal Gear Solid
Monsters, Inc. (Game)
Pac Man
Pokemon (game)
Spider-Man (Game)
Top Gun (Game)

I hope this also clears up a few things for those who were wondering why we have 30,000 ROMs and Mario rom downloads are no where to be found.

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